Sunday, April 26, 2020

Max is 8!! (super late post) + COVID19

Guys, Max turned 8 on January 19th! These answers are a reflection of who he was at just 8, mostly 7 ...he's totally different now almost 5 months in. tsk tsk my bad on these delays as i don't even remember what he was like then or if these answers are precisely accurate! More importantly, we're in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic...everything is just throw up in the air in terms of activities, scheduling, and schooling ha

  • when he grows up, he wants to be .... "i don't know"
  • favourite toys .... pokemon cards
  • favourite food ... dried mango, beef noodle pho, caramel/dulce de leche donuts, junior chicken, california rolls
  • Favourite TV show .... random shows on youtube kids
  • Favourite book .... currently reading the Beginner's Bible as part of his school obligations, but he could care less about reading 
  • Best friends .... James, Liem, Michael, Trystan
  • Favorite activities .... trading Pokemon, trying out Beyblades
  • activities... jiujitsu, trying out piano at the community centre

Mom and Max bday date at Peaceful Restaurant. Max loves a good Asian meal.

Of course Mikkel had to get in on the pics as well because why not? 
She isn't a fan of the carrot cake Max wanted so she got her own mini chocolate cake and candles to blow just so she doesn't feel left out. 

Our and the entire world's lives essentially changed since the COVID19 stay home health orders. Luckily for me as an essential worker, we are the same financially so we are not only ok, we are HEALTHY.
Last day of school for the kids was the Friday before Spring Break and they haven't returned since. No more jiu jitsu, piano, preschool for Mikkel, Metrotown outings, and visits with lolo/lola. We've been using Microsoft Teams for school and supplementing with the Costco curriculum books...which are actually working well, I just need to be mindful of my tiredness level and my willingness to sit on the ground with the kids and DO WORK WITH THEM rather than open a page and tell them to do it/self guided learning. 
I love that im saving money by not paying tuition and not mindlessly buying stuff at the mall, also im more reserved at buying stuff online as returns are annoying if not happening until the stores actually open...who knows when at this point. I'm cooking at home more and really taking advantage of the Instant Pot. I'm actually kinda loving my family being home, really encourages me to slow down and just enjoy what I have. My Costco spending has been insane though- the kids eat A LOT now that they're home, it's just an open kitchen of boredom eating and growth spurts so what can i do? also, with the Healthcare Access I have; there's always a reason to go hehe.

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