Sunday, April 26, 2020

COVID19 Life Lately

Pre full blown lockdown, we were chilling at the malls and park during Spring Break

During the Jan/Feb/early March times Max went on several ski trips with his dad- he's become really adventurous, strong, and confident in his skill. He loves to ski and had a few other trips planned but COVID came along! 

Max was also registered to do a competition on April 4th; in pursuit of another gold medal perhaps? Next time!

Last BBT date before the shops also started to close down from the health orders 

Work life! Unit is running at a census of 3-7 patients lately, i'm not complaining at all! Actually, glasses and masks are killer for the ears when you're wearing them for 12 hour shifts.

My little love is also growing up before my eyes! She appears to be weaned off her stroller and is walking so far and so much without much complaining, and she's also riding a training wheel bike with confidence! To add, she has tantrums and little to no patience :o) 

What does Mikkel miss?
  • eating at McDonalds, inside the restaurant
  • hugging and kissing lolo and lola
  • eating inside our favourite Vietnamese restaurant and eating there
  • going to sleep in the stroller when she's tired
  • going to Metrotown and see Toys R Us
  • going to the playground 
What does Max miss?
  • random days cruising inside metrotown and looking at toys
  • his friends at school
  • eating sushi and bubble tea anytime he wants
  • going for long walks and playgrounds (ie. Central Park)
  • lolo and lola's house

Stay safe all!
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