Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mikkel is 4 and in preSCHOOL

my little lady is growing up!

This year, we celebrated with a huge dinner at White Spot (kid friendly) with my parents where she ate her first pirate pack (Mac N' Cheese). Her cakes were an individual huge cupcake from the Cupcake shop which she's been requesting over and over again- but strangely enough didnt even eat! I think she just likes the idea of a cupcake but anything bigger than a standard muffin size is too overwhelming for her. We also had a mango fruit cake from St. Germain which is always good and is a big perk for any August/September birthday celebrant. Presents included toys, clothes, and of course the investment gifts that they'll thank us for in the future.

My love is 4! We do it all for you (both) xoxoxo!

  • when she grows up, she wants to be... a dentist (saw the dentist yesterday)
  • favourite toys ... LOL dolls, Barbie, princess dresses
  • favourite food ... maple/brown sugar oatmeal, rice, broccoli, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, apples with no skin, cranberry juice, bananas
  • favourite shows ... LOL toy opening shows on iPad, Ben and Holly, Daniel Tiger
  • favourite book ... interactive books with flaps
  • best friends ... the siblings of Max's friend's so far, Maelle, Taiya, Cristina
  • favourite activities ... drawing, playing LOL dolls, stripping the Barbies of all their clothes, playing dress up, watching Youtube Kids, make-believe kitchen, and make believe scenarios with toys, accompanying us shopping
  • Fully potty trained this Summer
  • she's independent, knows what she likes and doesn't like, more social and assertive, and learned quick that it's ok if im not with her all the's ok to be with others too (dad, lolo, lola)
  • size 4T-5T clothes
  • shoe size 9
  • still using the stroller but slowly weaning off of it
  • still naps but is ok if she doesn't
  • sleeps with Max and I for night sleep
  • 41" tall, 36-37lbs

Mikkel's next milestone is going to preschool this year - every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-1pm, same preschool as Max.  Maybe she's mature enough to understand the process of parents leaving their kids and coming back and perhaps it was an EXCELLENT idea to hold her back one year of preschool to grow up a little (she's supposed to be in the 4 year old class but is enrolled in the 3, but if I had put her in the 3yo class last year, she would've been a young 3yo due to being a Sept birthday), but there were no tears or anxiety at and leading to drop off. Mikkel had 100% readiness, willingness, and ability to meet and greet her new learning and social environment and she ran off to play after a kiss goodbye (Max took about 3 weeks!).  

I am here celebrating my renewed time! im not sure about y'all but this time around it's a feeling of accomplishment that my last child is out and about- my time is once again MY OWN (even if it's just two days a week)!

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