Saturday, January 19, 2019

SEVEN Seven seven!!

  • when he grows up, he wants to be .... a football player and a watchmaker
  • favourite toys ... magformer dupes, lego, hot wheels, guns, Rubix
  • favourite food ... tikka masala sauce, rice, breaded chicken, sapporo itchiban noodles, seaweed, turmeric crackers from Costco, all fruits, peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, broccoli
  • favourite TV show... random scrolling on Youtube Kids. currently enjoying watching Rubix cubes being solved and kids skiing 
  • favourite book ... HE CAN READ!! 
  • hero ... Bruce Lee
  • best friends .... Cruz, Brayden, Michael, Liem, William, Arjun, Cate, Clare, Ruby, and Alexandria
  • favourite activities ... endurance running, skateboarding, brazilian jiu jitsu, skiing, throwing around a football, kicking a soccer ball, finding cool rocks, basketball, building lego, figuring out Rubix cubes
  • favourite accessories ... his earring and his Flik Flak watch (he learned to tell time because of this watch!)
  • 48.5" tall, 58 lbs

  • typical monday-friday day in his life: wake up at 730am for school. Same old peanut butter (1 slice of bread) sandwich and a glass of water or juice for breakfast. Get dressed, walk to school at 840am and he's OFF! on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, he comes home and relaxes. We do home reading together where he's currently in level 12-14. I know it's an arbitrary number to you all, but the kid can read! he's got techniques, he's got interest, and the biggest book he's read to date is the full Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss all by himself. 
  • On tuesdays and thursdays, we head straight to Jiu Jitsu where's he's currently a grey/white belt with 4 stripes. i'd love to post some videos but there are so many kids in the file that it'd be a breach of their safety. if you know me in real life, you can check it out on my phone. he's a defensive fighter
  • On Sundays, he goes swimming. he just started swim kids 3 last week

  • for his birthday, him and Gene went on an all day ski trip to mount seymour. first time learner excelled as per usual, and was basically on his own during the bunny runs and carpet lifts on his third try down the slope! he said he had a really good wipe out, and strangers around him had a lot of encouraging words for him and thus he found support and courage to carry on for the entire day. Gene taught him, and now the little man is gearing to get his own equipment for next season if not go again this season 
  • as for a party, we are going to watch Aquaman as a mom and son date (which i LOVE because he rarely gets 1:1 time with me, the last bolus was before Mikkel was born), and then he wants to eat KFC and sushi (california roll with no cucumber or avocado)
  • im making him a zebra cake and putting hot wheels on it!

  • he is such a good and easy kid, i have no worries about this guy. the only thing we actually fight about are 1) giving his 100% effort and 2) wearing weather appropriate clothing. 
  • he's very good to his sister; whom basically yells at him, scratches him, argues with him constantly sometimes just because he's present in the same room haha
  • he still lovingly sleeps with me and im cherishing every moment of it! he's getting bigger, longer, and pretty soon will need his own bed because I really won't be able to sleep properly if im being woken up by his restlessness
Happy Birthday my love!


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