Friday, January 18, 2019

January 2019

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to print out more hard copy pictures of my children (thanks Costco for making this affordable!)

Did you know my portable hard drive is currently corrupted? it means i CANNOT access pictures and videos of my children from 2018 and earlier- like their entire f*cking history! thank goodness for this blog; the cataloging and uploading of their pictures so I was able to download from here and print out something for the albums. 

And because i've learned my lesson; and that it IS January after are my little loves in their current state of a NEAR Fresh 7 year old and 3 yr and 4 month old. 

(on a side note, i think i was pregnant with Mikkel when Max was about Mikkel's age. I'd just like to add that Mikkel is not at all the same as Max ((she's harder)) and that I can't even begin to imagine anticipating another baby with her neediness! sorry girl if you're reading this in the future, but i think you're a perfect LAST CHILD haha.

Total source of my white hairs, fine lines, and general life stressors but 

p.s. my new years resolutions
  1. skin care
  2. slow buying 
  3. one of my days off must be slow, makeup less, and staying in


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