Friday, August 31, 2018

Firecracker Mikkel is 3!!

Hello world, my favourite girl is 3!!

Unlike last year, I actually have something planned for my second child (i've even surprised myself to be honest haha). Tonite, my family and parents will be going 5 pin bowling, eat a giant feast of Chinese food, come home to cake which Max and I made for her (!!) and presents. We're celebrating a day ahead because of other plans during the afternoon tomorrow (September 1st is her real birthday). I also realize that Max remembers everything things and I really don't want him to be like, "why didnt we do anything for Mikkel?" some time in the near future, queuing mom guilt!!
All jokes aside though, im quite conservative and Max is the only one that has had a birthday party (1st birthday)- i just prefer things private (one thing Gene and I actually agree upon even with our birthdays) and don't feel compelled to have a pinterest party (even though i have so many things pinned)- the kids also haven't asked for one and are perfectly fine with saving money for vacations aka resort fees. Never say never day, maybe!?

at 3, Mikkel wakes up first in the morning. Initially we all sleep parallel to one other but eventually during the night, i move away and the two kids sleep in east-west position on the king bed while i'm at the foot of the bed in the north-south position. We sleep like this as they're so restless and getting bigger that opposite positions have allowed us all to get better sleep.  Also, it's helpful now that im back at work as Mikkel doesn't need to wake up with me RIGHT THERE breathing down her neck. she's used to waking up and looking for me- if i'm not there because of work, Max is there to help comfort her until Gene checks in or she copes and goes back to sleep on her own.

If i am there, she wakes me up with her movements- we make eye contact - and she then gives me a huge good morning smile. We then sneak out of the room where I start the much needed coffee (did you know i never drank coffee before until i had Mikkel?! lol says a lot about having two kids TBH) and the hot water for her oatmeal. When she was two something, she had an aversion to her quick oats, Maple and Brown sugar concoction, but mid 2's to even now..she wants it every day but with a side of sprinkles on top and I HAVE TO FEED HER (yep, you heard that right!) even though she's fully capable of feeding herself. i'm not sure what happens when i'm at work though? i feel like she doesn't make Gene do half as much work as she does me ha!  Soon after, Max wakes up and the morning is a good mix of fighting with each other and iPad use between those two so I can get something...anything (!) done.

We go out a lot and for hours on end. Sorry but not sorry, my kids have McDonald's often! I try to make it healthy though with smoothies, apple juice, no salt on the fries etc. Mikkel knows what she wants, "I want fries and chicken nuggets and apple juice and a toy!" If i've exhausted her enough- which is almost always the case- she sleeps on the stroller from about 130pm-3pm (shorter if it's hot out, longer if it's cool). she's generally good at letting me know when she's tired; she'll literally say, "I want to go to sleep!" and hops in the stroller, wants the shade down, blanket on, and a peaceful stroll to lull her to sleep like clockwork. She's also just as regulated for her afternoon naps while at home; more consistent at 2 hour naps though whether she has the white noise machine on or not- as long as there is about 6 hours from morning wake, she's ready for an afternoon nap.

As for her activities, to be honest she has none. I didnt opt her for preschool at 3 because I felt she was a young 3 year old (Max was 3 and 9 months when he started). She basically goes where I go, she likes going on her iPad and watching kids role play, Peppa Pig, the Wiggles sing songs, various other programs singing nursery rhymes. She's definitely more articulate than Max was at 3y0months, more outgoing and socially comfortable, more confident, and likes what she likes NOW bossy and demanding. She's quite feisty at yelling first, attacking Max first, drawing blood first, and the least likely to be swayed out of her idea. Her tantrums can be major and it can go on and on especially when her chronic bowel issues are mixed in (has something more to do with not wanting to let go rather than being bunged up). however, she is also very affectionate and still fits perfectly in my arms, preferring to be on my left than my right. She is right handed.

In my opinion, she's quite a picky eater compared to Max. She likes oatmeal, cranberry juice, water, apple juice, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches, lipton chicken noodle soup. Cheese pizza, watermelon, strawberries, green grapes, oranges, chips, popcorn, ice cream, popsicles, brocolli, may be a hot dog weiner, and white rice. for dinner, there must always be white rice so i can hide meats and brocolli in it, otherwise it's just nibbling at food rather than eating. Pho noodles is ok, sometimes chow mien noodles, but RICE is her favourite (she is totally filipino!).

For sleep, she dictates when we are going to bed when she starts whining, "i'm sleepy!" but it doesn't really mean she wants to sleep, she just wants Max and I to be in the bedroom, brush our teeth, and play games in the room. Our current go to books are, POTTY by Leslie Patricelli and Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. She asks for the "breastie" as part of her night routine but only goes on the breast for literally 2 seconds per nipple, i think she just wants to stay connected and comfortable.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little love! When you read this one day, we have so much patience for you even though it might not always seem like it. We know this isn't the real you and are waiting for you to snap out of these BIG FEELINGS terrible twos phase! xoxoxox


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