Friday, June 29, 2018

Kindergarten DONE!

First day of Kindergarten post HERE

  • When he grows up, he wants to be ... "a person that exercises because I like getting muscles and being healthy"
  • favourite toys ... all the Super Mario toys he can get his hands on
  • favourite food ... blackberries, strawberries, raspberries
  • favourite TV show ... Evan and Jillian toy reviews on YoutubeKids
  • favourite books ... Scooby Doo and Fly Guy books
  • best friends ... Brayden, Cruz, Michael, Trystan
  • favourite activities ... drawing
  • activities ... currently a grey/white belt at Jiu Jitsu, Swim Kids 2, starting basketball camp this August
Follow up to thoughts and feelings I had on his first day of Kindy

  • what will first day drop off feel like? will I be sad (um YES)? will Max be sad or be so eager and excited to meet and greet that he simply would just need a kiss/hug/bye? Drop off was easy for both of us, i actually don't remember feeling all that sad. I was able to drop him off of school a lot (thanks to my work schedule) and stay for another hour watching them do K-fitness outside. I also volunteered for several field trips and  activities, and enjoyed my entire involvement
  • will he bond with another kid within the first week? once he bonds, he's such a loyal friend! when i hear him tell preschool/playground stories of other kids saying "I don't want to play with you anymore" and "stop following us" it is SO TERRIBLY HEARTBREAKING he developed a friendship with most of the kids in his class and has a core squad of 4-5 boys. the sisters are also friends
  • will he hold his bowels in all day and be uncomfortable? he eventually learned to poop and wipe at school comfortably but mainly saved it for after school 
  • will he eat his food? if he doesn't, it would affect his learning because he'd be can i make his lunches nutritious yet enjoyable...and not be so burnt out about it after the novelty of it wears off (ie. October onwards?)95% empty lunch box every day...and he had no qualms about eating the same type of sandwich several times a week
  • will i pack enough food for him? always sp hungry after school like he didnt have enough food at school!
  • will he be bullied? does he know he can come to me about anything without being judged or get into trouble? (I've tried nurturing this for years) he had some situations with other kids but generally liked and knows when to walk away
  • will he still adore his sister, or will their relationship change because she's too young for him now? he has slightly less patience with her as the weekend carries on but generally he still loves to see and play with her. Mikkel's patience is short though when he's home as she has to share the attention
  • what will our schedules at home be like now that he has to be up daily, i still have to work, and he has to sleep earlier ...also how can we fit in Mikkel's nap during the day? i did a lot of walking around at 1pm so Mikkel can sleep in the stroller, and made my way to school by 230pm for pickup. if the weather was bad, husband would pick him up
  • what type of behaviours will he learn from his new found friends? will he and I continue to get along (as in, be understanding of his evolvement and behaviours) or will I be able to check in with myself whenever I find something annoying and respond to the behaviour (vs. react to it)? some annoying changes in behaviour because we ended up being baby sitters to one of his school friends that had behaviour and language that I didnt use in my house. however, Max has insight into behaviours and language that I am not impressed with so it helps
  • will he have fun? will he be traumatized? his feelings about school, whether I like it or not, is affected by Kindergarten experience too SO MUCH FUN
  • what type of friends will he make? lifelong friends because we're all catchment? even i have new friends! they say that your kinder friends will be the lifelong ones as mom's who bond come together, bringing kids together.
  • will i have mom friends? lifetime mom friends? shoutout to the ladies!
  • do i need to enrol him into Kumon or other extra curricular courses to maintain academic standards and lifestyle standards? let them be little
  • will Mikkel miss him? how will she show being weaned from seeing her brother every day and all day to a few hours each day? she quite liked not having to share parent attention! 
  • what the heck do i do with my time with just ONE CHILD?!?! science world annual pass, visiting my parents on Fridays, going to the park and walks. Time goes by so fast between drop off and nap time!

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