Sunday, January 21, 2018

A little about my 6 year old...

i know, long time no write! life...

  • when he grows up, he wants to be .... a nurse or a doctor 
  • favourite toys .... Gemology kit (rocks, gems, minerals, agate slabs etc), and anything Super Mario as of 4 days ago
  • favourite food ... angel food cake, peanut butter sandwiches, broccoli, ham sandwiches, strawberries, tummies, all fruits
  • Favourite TV show .... doesn't really care for TV or iPad shows
  • Favourite book .... Fly Guy series
  • Best friends .... Brayden and Cruz
  • Favorite activities .... art at home via watercolors or crayons 
  • activities... currently enrolled in swim kids 2, 2 wheel bike rider and comfortable skateboarder
Kindergarten was an easy transition for Max and us as he bonded with a majority of the boys in his class quickly- some boys he connects with because they "make me laugh." Others he bonded with through their athleticism; team oriented but also competitive nature (ie. they run around the track doing 2-4 laps nearly everyday and want to be top 3, yet he's ok with waiting for a friend who's lagging behind) first thing in the morning. He apparently also has a girlfriend, and he brought home a piece of paper with a drawing of a heart and his name on it hahaha! We've had no trouble waking up every day at an appropriate time, nor him finishing his same old lunch because he's just That hungry when at school. 

Christmas 2017

his relationship with Mikkel has been downright ideal. She can be quite impatient and demanding, but he just lets her essentially boss him around. he gets upset of course; but he seeks and is receptive to advice and guidance on how to deal with her "big feelings" because she's "still learning." he totally gets it! every now and then when Mikkel is away sleeping, or he just hasn't seen her he would say, "mom, Mikkel ___insert something that upset him that she did___, but it's ok. I love her." 

enjoy's going to school rain or shine

enjoys baking with me even when we were still using the hand mixer that hurt both of our hands

can eat the same thing and still be happy

adventurous on the playground and willing to do risky play with support

new nanaimo bar lover

loves creating art; we call it having an "art attack" at home

his last 4 molars of childhood are out, and 2 permanent teeth at the moment (bottom front)

size 5-6T in tops, and 6T in jeans. size 13 in shoes (he's currently loving his white high tops)

not overly hyper, and it's not uncommon for him to tell us he just wants to go home and rest

cosleeps with Mikkel and I when i'm off and still loves everything about it

this boy loves to love and i am always so proud of him 

happy happy birthday Max!! 


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