Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Max is in Kindergarten!

Max is in Kindergarten world!

When I asked Max if he was excited, he said "nope, I know everything already!" Well there we have it, typical boy not entertaining a conversation and quickly shutting down a topic haha

As for me, I'm a mixed bag of emotions for this huge milestone.
  • what will first day drop off feel like? will I be sad (um YES)? will Max be sad or be so eager and excited to meet and greet that he simply would just need a kiss/hug/bye? 
  • will he bond with another kid within the first week? once he bonds, he's such a loyal friend! when i hear him tell preschool/playground stories of other kids saying "I don't want to play with you anymore" and "stop following us" it is SO TERRIBLY HEARTBREAKING
  • will he hold his bowels in all day and be uncomfortable?
  • will he eat his food? if he doesn't, it would affect his learning because he'd be can i make his lunches nutritious yet enjoyable...and not be so burnt out about it after the novelty of it wears off (ie. October onwards?)
  • will i pack enough food for him? 
  • will he be bullied? does he know he can come to me about anything without being judged or get into trouble? (I've tried nurturing this for years)
  • will he still adore his sister, or will their relationship change because she's too young for him now? 
  • what will our schedules at home be like now that he has to be up daily, i still have to work, and he has to sleep earlier ...also how can we fit in Mikkel's nap during the day? 
  • what type of behaviours will he learn from his new found friends? will he and I continue to get along (as in, be understanding of his evolvement and behaviours) or will I be able to check in with myself whenever I find something annoying and respond to the behaviour (vs. react to it)?
  • will he have fun? will he be traumatized? his feelings about school, whether I like it or not, is affected by Kindergarten experience too
  • what type of friends will he make? lifelong friends because we're all catchment?
  • will i have mom friends? lifetime mom friends? 
  • do i need to enrol him into Kumon or other extra curricular courses to maintain academic standards and lifestyle standards?
  • will Mikkel miss him? how will she show being weaned from seeing her brother every day and all day to a few hours each day? 
  • what the heck do i do with my time with just ONE CHILD?!?!

ah so many questions!

Max at 5 --->

-favorite food: "Strawberries"
-thankful for: "my family, everything in my house, and my crystals (geodes)"
-favorite color: "dark blue"
-future profession: "police officer"
-favorite book: "everything about dinosaurs"
-3 fav things: "sharks, dinosaurs, crystals"
-my best friends: "mom, dad, Mikkel"


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