Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Life Lately Summer 2017

haven't logged on to blog for a long time or updated Mikkel's monthly advances, oops!
I mean the reality is that i only get 1 hour of free time to myself at night and really, online shopping takes up so much of that time. 
however, i can't promise this won't happen again because it will but i do appreciate anyone who still comes by to check in... HI! 

Life lately...

  • Mikkel is 22 months on July 1st
  • i would describe her as sassy, who knows what she wants and wants what she wants
  • she lives off of breakfast: maple/brown sugar oatmeal -- snack: goldfish, puffs -- lunch: chicken and fries -- dinner: plain rice with broccoli tips -- post bath snack: popsicles and maybe fruit. not sure how she's thriving? but totally 2nd child syndrome because I'm just happy she's eating something
  • things she says nowadays include: "do it right" (when you're too lazy to do help her with what she wants), "just a second" (when you're rushing her), "wait!" (when she wants to buckle herself in her highchair before you serve breakfast, "not yet!" (when you ask her if she's done taking a poop), "i lob-yoo" (of course!), "I don't know", "all done!" "i need help." and many more. ill add to this section when i remember to capture this age. do kids this age synthesize phrases like this already? i don't remember Max doing this at all
  • when she gets mad, she swats or hits. she also has scratched Max pretty bad in the face (like a cat!) but that seems to be a phase thats dying down now. she's currently when upset, says a big fat, "NO!!" and pucker's her lips with a glare in her eyes...when pushed a little bit further she'll lie down on the ground and close her eyes. it's very LOL
  • she loves to sleep with my husband at night while is a horrible co sleeper with Max and I
  • usual wake up time 730am, naps 2-4pm, bed time 830pm
  • still loves to breast feed!! 
  • started to play with dolls and mimicking activities of daily living

As for Max...
  • he's done preschool next week and going into kinder in September!! it's not only a change for him but an entire familial shift in ratio of hours in our presence vs. the system. I'm definitely going to be grieving in September as we enter a new normal
  • sweetest thing lately was while playing at the local mall's play pit with a moderate number of other kids, Mikkel missed her step, slipped and hit her forehead on the carpeted floor. She started crying, all the kids paused and turned to look at her like a scene from a movie, and here comes Max without prompting kneeling beside her so they're eye level asking if she's OK and giving her a hug to which she was receptive. Strangers mumbled to each other and to me what a sweet boy he was not knowing they were siblings or related to me. #siblingSuccessStory
  • 100% fully trained in the bathroom, which means he won't be holding anything in when Kinder comes along 
  • learned how to ride a two wheel bike in 2 days, 1 hour each session- first and second time on a two wheel bike with no prior balance bike use. i was anticipating an entire summer's worth of practicing removing one training wheel at a time, but done!
  • when Mikkel is upset, she comes to me for the initial hug but wants to finish of her tears with Max. she literally cries out, "Kuya!!" (big brother) and i put her down, he picks her up and she wraps her legs around him while he gives her kisses on the forehead. Adorable!!
  • obsessed with Sharks and Dinosaurs at the moment

As for me...
  • it's extremely hard for me to find sunglasses to fit and minimize my round face but alas, I've found the pair of my dreams and with an ever so rare selfie, I'm showing them off on the blog! I'm anticipating on wearing these for the rest of my life
  • as i get older, I'm really into sun protection for my face and body. did you know that I'm allergic to sunscreen and that Ombrelle is the only sunscreen I don't react to? (yes, I've seen an allergist). Anyhow, I'm loving Green Beaver Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 15, Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30 to use daily under my makeup, Ombrelle Kids SPF 50+ for our family, the sun hat of my dreams, and of course said sunglasses
  • work is busy af. full time shift work, full time child rearing when I'm "off." I'm finally finding time to take care of myself since i developed Fat Pad Syndrome on my foot so here I am getting massages and seeing physio because i hate being in pain. what works for me is to just schedule a time to do it online and not overthink it, if i wait for when people are free and then try to fit myself in, then my health gets pushed aside (speaking to all mothers who can relate)
thanks for reading all the way to the end!


  1. Love the new shades! Great to read the updates but an in-person is always better. Lemme know if those July dates work for you!! also, Max really is the sweetest boy 😍

  2. What a sweet boy max is!! Also cute mikkel aww miss them

    Ps nice shades

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