Monday, March 27, 2017

::: Happy List (long time no blog edition) :::

Hi all,  terribly long time since i've actually blogged. yaddi yaddi yadda...KIDS, full time work schedule; in pursuit of work life balance.

Here are some fun things that have made me happy lately...

  • first and foremost, shoutout to the family that recognized me and took the time to say hi to me at Metrotown yesterday! Thank you for saying hi! i often feel shy when I'm approached because of my blog. I just don't update this site anymore to receive the honour of being recognized, thanks for rekindling the idea that my blog is actually being read :op
  • I've been really loving the LOOK of the cropped wide leg pants trend lately. the cut is less 1960's hippy nowadays, which i have to say is the era my husband grew up in and has only disdain words to describe the fashion of those times. Anyhow, the ultimate sailor pant is by Jesse Kamm, but it's definitely priced in the 'investment' category. I recently found a similar pair from GAP Canada, check them out ! I have an apple shaped body (my weight shows up around my tummy but my upper body and lower body remain relatively straight), these pants are super high rise aka sucks everything in and gives a flattering waist line. try them!
  • anyone who is a Sephora fiend like me knows the company Anastasia of Beverly Hills. Love their brow whiz products! As an alternative though, I've been using MAC Cosmetics' brow twist pencil in the colour Stud, but now i have a new Love (!): REVLON COLORSTAY BROWN PENCIL. found in the drugstore for half the price of MAC, waterproof, glides smoothly, and comparable colour and staying power. My brow colour equivalents are ABH in Granite, MAC in Stud, Revlon in Dark brown 
  • ive made a lot of chocolate chip cookies in my day, but Ricardo's Chocolate Chip Cookies are by far the best I've made so far.  i think the brown sugar makes it very crispy and instead of the melted butter and the subsequent cool in fridge step, i used room temp butter and was able to cook it right away. great base recipe for adding nuts and other ingredients as well. Ricardo's recipe consistently yielded 24 cookies for me.
  • Beauty and the Beast, need i say more? Max and I recently went on a movie date to watch this movie and really, it was more for me than him haha. even though we watch the Disney cartoon day in and day out, he's the typical five year old who can't sit for 2 hours straight and gabs non stop in outside voices to compensate for the loudness of the movie. however, so proud of him, with popcorn and some forbidden pop, he did really well and enjoyed the film himself. he's currently roaring non stop and acting like the Beast 
  • as I'm turning 35 this year, I'm starting to put some effort into skin care. I have combination acne-prone skin, and instead of hating it day in and day out, I've spent a good time of my free time educating myself on Beautypedia about what products are available to me. My current night time routine involves a in shower cleanse with Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser (which honestly didnt get favourable reviews on beautypedia but has always worked well for me way back when). Post shower, I tone my face with Andalou Naturals Vitamin C Toner to get rid of any further makeup residue (found at Superstore!). Then I use a gentle BHA exfoliant       to keep my pores clean, the most gentle and effective one I've found has been by Paula's Choice bought from the American website. Finally, my night moisturizer has been the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Original Formula Night Cream found at London Drugs. During the day, I cleanse and add Cetaphil SPF 30 Moisturizer under my makeup
  • I'm currently sorting out my Spring Fluid Capsule wardrobe to ward off buying in excess aka too many black shirts. my favourite philosophy so far has been from Style Bee. I also like to go on Pinterest to see what the combination of clothes would look like (i mean it's not my body but it helps to reaffirm the the combination looks good), and i like to use the Polyvore app to categorize my clothes into outfits and have an accessible visual when I feel like shopping and need a reminder i have too many clothes as it is!
  • even though it's not glam at all inside the restaurant, our favourite comfort food restaurant has been Sunrise Pizza and Steak House lately. We really love their pizza style, the Kalamari dinner, their spaghetti and meat sauce, and lasagna with meat sauce. we've eaten here twice in the last month and because it's never really busy in there, we don't have to keep shushing the kids and let them be normal. I used to be a huge fan of Stephos but they've gone downhill big time, Sunrise has the best Kalamari dinner in East Van in my opinion- best Kalamari and Greek salad for sure (Opa's Kalamari is 2nd best but not always consistent). 
  • I've been loving this song lately, Rihanna's Love on the Brain. i hear it all the time and i never get tired of it
  • last but not least, MEXICO April 2017! Sun, beach, no cooking, no cleaning!
what's made you happy lately?

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