Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mikkel is 17 months and entering that stage...

girl has been a handful!
trying not to label her but I'm slightly mourning the easy going little bundle of flesh on the floor I came to know as I now have a girl with a budding mind and personality. oy vey, God give me strength and PATIENCE!!!

  • most frequently used word? "NO" "A-mi" aka help me
  • loves to pinch, not just once, but multiple times...if she gets a reaction from it = pinch some more, if no reaction? = pinches harder! 
  • tagalog words she uses: "ooya" aka Kuya, which means big brother. "upo" aka sit down, any time she wants help to sit somewhere (like the stroller)
  • has a shoe fetish, and wants to try on all the shoes whether it'd be Max's or ones we have in the closet for her that absolutely don't fit. she asks for "ooosh" which is shoes, but understands the words "medjas" (socks) and "sapatos" (shoes) when we're getting her ready and is asked to fetch these items
  • she can solve this puzzle on her own; as in put almost all the pieces properly in the proper spot and if not in the proper spot, right where it should be but not fitting exactly

  • obsessed with Elmo to the point of super annoying as she asks for him non stop. by him, she wants to listen to Grover sing the ABC song in the style of Saturday Night Live via Elmo ABC app. she also likes the Elmo Calls app and Feists' 1-2-3-4 is on perpetual play

  • she doesn't like No for an answer and often puts up a tantrum if we aren't able to distract her in time. her tantrums at this time involve her taking a few steps forward, sitting on the ground and protesting if we're outside. sometimes, most often at home, she takes a few steps forward, lies down on the ground, tummy down then turns over on her back protesting. God help me. 
  • down to one nap usually 130-230pm
  • night sleep 745pm to 615am with 1-2 wake ups overnight, but i only feed her once because I'm just way too lazy and tired to get up. Gene hears her and it literally STILL takes him 2 seconds to get her to stop crying, lie down, and sleep for another number of hours. WTF?! how he developed and sustain that skill I don't know
  • teething all her fangs at the same time ...which explains the behaviour a lot
  • on a good note, she falls asleep on the stroller if we're out during her nap hours!!


  1. Ohh 1 nap that's good
    Tantrums ohh wow she's dramatic
    Pinching: cheeky!

  2. Also good work on the puzzle I don't even know if Charlie could do that now, he'd probably go and throw the pieces out the window

  3. Hello, first off your blog is so enjoyable to read! My son is around your daughter's age. I was curious where did you get her cute little desk/table?

    1. hi, sorry for the SUPER late response. i won the table from an instore contest, but it's a desk from the P'Kolino brand!

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