Sunday, December 11, 2016

MIkkel is 15.5 months

wow haven't blogged for so long!
Frankly, I can't find the time. I want to sleep, I have to work, and my free time is of the essence. When I am online, I want to online shop or creep on I alone here? :op

Mikkel turned 15 months this December, and basically...she's nearly 16 months now ha! Im forcing myself to write this post as she's asleep, and Max is occupied watching Frozen for the first time (mine too), and IM DONE MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING(!!). Frozen is sweet, but it's so not like the old Disney films I used to watch- it's so 3D looking? Speaking of Disney, I just bought Beauty and the Beast because how can I not, my childhood round 2.

Anyhow, my daughter is 15 months and I want to capture it on the blog before the time comes and she's asking me, 'Mom, why'd you skip 15 months?'. Can't take anymore SLR shots of her as she's EVERYWHERE and again, no time and certainly no patience to chase around or edit. Good ol' IPHONE!

  • currently sprouting 4 molars at the same time, just noticed. she isn't any different- but that's because I'm used to night wakings so it's been no big deal
  • Gene has an assigned shift of 0530-0630 so I can sleep in to the best of my ability. recently, he's just taken to onus of resettling her because it takes him TWO.RIP ROARING.SECONDS to do so. by one second, I mean he goes in, pats her bum, tells her to go to sleep and she goes back to sleep for at least an hour 9/10 times. for me, it takes 15 minutes of feeding.
  • I still feed her once or twice a night, recently it's been one good feed a night
  • she climbs anything and everything; like the dining chairs and table
  • she's pulling all the Christmas off of the tree
  • most tender moment was me feeding her overnight after my second day shift (usually when I don't see her all day) and she says in the dark "Mommy?" in a little sweet girl voice, but drowsy at the same time? then i put her back down without saying a world and she does a little burp. I was taken aback and it pulled at the heart strings
  • walking 100% of the time
  • lots of new words, can't even remember
  • she plays with Max now. Just today, she scoops up his beloved soothers, Max sees and she starts walking back and forth saying "no no no" and smiling, trying to get Max to chase her and waving the soother around , then pops it in her mouth. haha!
^^ will not stay still ^^

^^ they adore each other = transition success! ^^

^^ fake cry ^^


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