Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Wow it's nearly 2017! WTF? I'm still stuck in 2014! 
To be honest, this year flew by so fast that I almost don't remember what the heck happened to me. Always stuck in a daze between high strung and needing to go go Go when i could be relaxing, and so tired that I don't even remember what I ate the day before. 2016 though, was a fantastic year. I accomplished a lot (even though I can't list it all), but I feel great and ready to meet 2017 taking me with me some resolutions that hopefully will last longer than 2 weeks haha!

what do I remember about 2016...
  • so thankful to embark on round 2 of motherhood after the 4th trimester/newborn stage was over and done with (end of 2015). I now had a full fledged keeper of an infant whom i didnt know how I could love more than #1. Now, whom i unequivocally adore and love with all my heart- both my 2 kids that enrich my life in so many ways
  • there is a reason why they call it the fucking fours. it's true! age 4 was a true utter test of my patience and how much I can quickly educate myself on age appropriate behaviour before i pop a gasket. WOW, the tantrums, the voice volume, the quick turnarounds, the strength, the cries, the anger, the nonsense, the WHITE HAIRS ON MY HEAD. so done with 4!
  • the three or so months process of my parents selling their home, and then finding the perfect place in a hidden gem of GVRD, that's even easier for us to get to for a visit. they have the ultimate backyard!!  oh, and they lived with us for 3 weeks or so- i was hesitant about it at first because heck there was a reason I moved out in the first place, but it was so great having them here; i missed them, i needed their help, and the kids loved it!
  • my sister moving to Australia! kudos to her and her family for pursuing this adventure with 2 under 2...even getting on a 16 hour non stop flight with 1 infant and 1 toddler gives them a gold medal in my book. miss you guys, but thanks to FaceTime, seems like you're just around the corner! holidays thug aren't the same when you're face timing at dinner! ha
  • finding a sense of style (late i know) and building a capsule wardrobe- not just to save money and do better for the environment, but at the end of the day shopping was a form of conspicuous consumption for me. STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS
  • the most snow i've remembered since i was in high school, especially during the holiday season. it may not have been snowing on Christmas day (sunny and crisp cold), but there was lots of old snow on the ground and was all in all white...great for the kids and memories
  • going back to work after my LAST EVER mat leave
  • one of my core group of friends is having a baby! i mean finally someone is having a baby and can empathize with all the life changes it brings, and the party absences that must be made in order to maintain routine at home because lets face it, ANY sleep is a huge priority for parents!! I like to joke that I'm finally on my way out of that sleep deprivation and confined at home stage- as they trickle in and enter- but then who will I end up chilling with when they're all stuck at home? where is the party going to be at? who's going to want to house all the kids and clean up after them? haha! aw man! 
  • new feelings towards my husband that I've never felt before (homicidal). he's without a doubt contributed to my increased in white hair, fine lines and wrinkles to say the least, as well as my increased Sephora points for their anti aging products
  • thank the Lord for our continued health, happiness, and prosperity. Especially with my mom who got her left knee replacement after years of pain, discomfort, and decreased mobility. it took a major health scare to catapult her priorities towards a different direction. thank goodness she listened to her body and now, she's added so much quality back to her life!


  1. Correction: infant and toddler. Yeah it was bad.
    Lol gene and sephora!


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