Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mikkel is 14 months!!

  1. new words: "Apple" "Boo!" "Bey" (Birdy), "Ba" (ball), "WOW!" and barking like a dog
  2. now able to climb the fridge shelves, over the couch arm rests, up and down stairs, the coffee table
  3. free standing without holding onto anything and free standing while playing with an object. if you hold both of her hands and stand her in front of you, she'll walk as you walk backwards
  4. sleeps 730-6am on average, with 1-3 wake ups on any given day. naps 1030ish (x30 minutes) and 230pm (x60 minutes)
  5. favourite foods are: deli ham, toast with no crusts, crispy grapes, wedge fries, chicken tenders, Old Dutch Twist Popcorn, peas, and smoothies
  6. 8 teeth
  7. loves to eat crayons, take pens and write all over herself, go through my purse and play with my phone and keys, press the buttons of her sound machine, and unravel the toilet paper
  8. understands some tagalog
  9. loves the books Little You, Goodnight Moon, Eat!, and this little pig book with a finger puppet
  10. WALKING!!! 


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