Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Happy List Fall 2016 (whoa!)

What's making me pretty darn happy lately...
  • with Fall in Vancouver comes the need of a denim jacket (closet staple!), keeps you warm during the cold days, but also cool enough for the Indian Summer afternoons. My favourite jacket is my 2 for 1 love; the Trucker jacket care of LEVI"s. By 2 for 1 I mean it's actually my husband's but it fit's me too, so we're 'sharing' -I mean i wear it all the time and it's in my closet :op 
  • our apartment faces South, and with that we get a lot of heat all day from the sun. With heat, comes stupid fckn flies always flying around our balcony as they're attracted to the heat radiating from our windows- and of course, if you open the patio door they zoom right in! i'm a sadist with these nasty poop, dead carcass eating machines and I love to kill them using the BRICO BUG ZAPPER found at Rona. They're kept in the mesh via static, and then electrocuted. i found this brand to be excellent with battery life, lighter on the hand, and most powerful. No mercy!
  • as Mikkel is no longer needing to be carried on the carrier all.the.time, i can finally wear tsome SENSIBLE heels! these boots are true to size, so comfortable (even if I need to carry Mikkel on the carrier for a while), and best of all, i don't need to bend down to put them on...easy slip, good to go! Good one STEVE MADDEN (Austin boots) for having mom's in mind (indirectly!) 

  • now that my Max no longer naps (!!), Max and I are bonding even more with our mom + son once a week dates. While sister is sleeping, Max and I slip out to go to the mall and have a little snack together- sure a lot of our time is spent at any store with toys, and food consists of fries, it's like life before a sibling for him. He loves sitting at the back of the bus, going up escalators, NOT bringing the stroller and best of all, not having to share his time. Next year he'll be in Kindergarten M-F (!!), this 1:1 time is a gift to enjoy my growing boy
  • my kids are dressed, fed, rested while i'm at work. no further explanation needed, thank you husband!
  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. it's another round of adjusting to even less sleep now that work is thrown into the mix. i've been really happy with this concealer for awhile, it brightens up the under eye and gives me a more awake (i think) look. I make time to apply makeup daily so i feel like i have at least put some effort into me instead of just the kids or just the patients- like paying yourself first after pay day. take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.
  • Raisin Bran! does this age me? i can't tolerate other cereals out there right now. so many things are just too sweet, or too gross, and subconsciously i want the kids to eat this cereal too for said reasons and that there's no mascot. anyhow, besides that fact that I'm totally regular, it's satiating for the initial hustle and bustle of our mornings (then i eat McDonalds ha! kidding but also not)

  • this mantra, Let them be little because i often have to check with myself if what they're doing is age appropriate behaviour or if I'm imposing too much adult behaviour expectations on my kids and thus being a bit too stern. I need to chill!  

  • also, i find myself saying Do Hard Things to Max A LOT. instead of being a nag (ie. about swimming, about writing his letters, etc), i find these words easy to understand, challenging and yet encouraging. Though yes let them be little, but no to fcking around and slacking off y'know? I'm not a tiger mom. i'm almost planning to get a pennant or this statement hung on the wall, hmmm
  • my husband. he's stepping up to his responsibilities and has become more empathetic since becoming daddy daycare and having a taste of what it feels like to be needed relentlessly! however, he still has to be reminded that whatever work he's complaining about, the demands on me are ten fold. it's a start nevertheless.

What's made you happy lately?


What is on your mind?


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