Thursday, September 1, 2016

WTF Mikkel is 1 YEAR OLD!

hair: dark brown
eyes: light brown, not as light as Max
height: just under 29" 
weight: TBA after her Sept 13th vaccines

head: two upper front teeth appear to be making their way down, thus she's fussier than usual especially when she sees me leave or I'm not near her. I'm giving her Tylenol at night, less than optimal amount but just enough to provide some relief as teething can't be comfortable. funny with Max I didnt give him any drugs, but with #2 it's like fck it, why make her suffer? why keep her up at night? loves to dance and usually does some sort of bouncing while standing when she hears any upbeat music. I love Youtube Kids for those children's songs I don't know the words to, but can remember from my childhood.

^^ lefty!?! ^^

cries: As above with separation from me. she still really sucks at travelling in the car! this last month i changed her to front facing in her car seat because I just couldn't take the fighting between the two of them and because she's constantly screaming and crying. When we turned Max to front facing it was night and day with his fussiness, but with Mikkel it's no fighting and still screaming and crying just not constant. i'm still sitting in the back with them, and it's only a partial help. I'm sure it's because she loathes being restrained. maybe she's also car sick? i know i feel nauseated whenever I'm in the car. only time will tell when she can talk!

GI: usual mojo fries, eggs, peas, most meats- particularly chicken, green apples, she continues to like whatever she liked last month. she's truly in love with watermelon and has eaten so much! pineapples, mangos, cantaloupe, grapes, regular Cheerios; so far so good. she's been having 1 poop per day, usually after breakfast. this month she suddenly knew how to use a straw. i haven't bought any new drinking vessels because she's constantly dropping the sippy cup and straw cup on the ground after every drink and they're bound to break sooner or later. one annoying thing she started doing towards the latter part of this last month was sweeping food off of her tray at every meal unpredictably. by sweeping, you put various food on her tray and she just sweeps her hand over her tray and all the food goes on the ground. SUPER annoying. ahhh well, back on the tray it goes anyways. from what I've noticed, she does this sweep either when she doesn't like the food or she's getting full. maybe she does it to get a reaction too because she looks at me right after. smart! 

feeding: still breastfeeding as per plan. my current schedule is if she wakes up at 6am- feed, after breakfast - feed, maybe a whining feed to calm, and another feed prior to going on in anticipation of having a nap while out within the next 30 minutes. feed after lunch/close to 2nd nap, feed before bedtime as part of night routine.  if she wakes up after  625/630am, no feeding. breakfast asap around 7am, post breakfast feed, whiny snack feed, pre-activity/nap feed, after lunch feed/close to 2nd nap feed, then pre night sleep. this is about as much as i can wean right now as part of path of least resistance and so that i can help prepare her for my absence while at work.  SHE LOVES THE BREAST, like a magnet.  not sure what Gene will do, perhaps introduce milk to her in the next few days in a straw cup for the filled belly sensation. 

GU: finished up #4 baby dry and am now using #5 baby dry

^^ first pony tail! ^^

^^ first car! i have to add that this Step2 car has gone through 3 grandkids
 and has been with us since 2012. every kid loves it, and plenty of life left ^^

skin/body: squishy and loveable. no apparent skin issues except some bumps on her face which might be a reaction to my make up as is often near my face; nothing concerning.  this last month her and Max have been taking a bath in the big bathtub together, yay! she's a little dangerous though as she stands up a lot and doesn't realize how slippery it can get. she also keeps taking the tub plug off!

communication: says "daddy" "dad" "hi" "mommy" "mamma" "moe-moe or mew mew" (our cat) and "uh oh" after dropping everything on the ground (cute, but not).  she open and closes her hand when saying Bye. she points to things she wants every now and then.  if she thinks something isn't a good idea ie. to put something in her mouth, she holds it up to me to show me and to get consent. so smart! 

muscle strength: cruising, not yet free standing. hoisting herself up looks so easy for her but not letting go just yet. she crawls around the apartment looking for me, adorable! 

hands: when she wants the breast, she puts her hand inside my shirt and pinches my breast or cleavage and laughs. this doesn't happen all the time, only the time when her feed is overdue or due - especially when we're in the middle of a transit ride home or to somewhere. while feeding for night sleep, to which i just let my breast hang out, she usually looks at my breast and pokes and prods at my nipple while giggling. seriously, she loves the breast!

legs: continues to get so frustrated with skirts as they get under her and impede her crawling abilities.  if she only knew it'd be so much easier for her if she just walked! then skirts/dresses galore! she definitely has my and my dad's toe nails, I'm sorry Mikkel! haha

play: she likes this popup toy, but only knows how to close not open them up yet.
various books, opening and closing things, going through my stuff and scattering things around. toilet paper everywhere! she likes to eat crayons, and this month she learned to open up crayola felt lids and eat the felt tip! she likes to split Duplo apart and pull at cords and wave them around (yikes). 

sleep: this last month she moved into her own room with some inherited furniture from my sister. her first night alone she slept from 710pm to 740pm! WOW. Now, her bedtime routine starts at approx 7pm with bath with her brother, pyjamas, then play. books at 730pm, lights out and noise machine on at 740pm, breastmilk buffet and quiet time from 740pm to 8pm. hugs for a few minutes and down into the crib awake- no crying!! wakes up sometime between 545am and 620am without any crying or night feeds.

for naps: 1st nap approx 1040am-1120am on the carrier as we're always on the go. she definitely still needs this nap as she gets really irritable by 930/10am.  For second nap: if I'm at my parents house, she sleeps on the carrier while i go shopping at metrotown for 1.5 hours haha. but if I'm at home, which i try to make a point of doing more than half the week, quiet time 225pm, breastfeed to drowsy at 230pm, down in crib awake but sleepy at 240pm. sleeps usually until 345-4pm. hit or miss with a cry in-between the 45 minute intruder cycles, sometimes just a little whine, other times a 10 minute cry. wakes up cranky like Max when he was at that age.

how she sleeps: 1st nap on carrier, 2nd nap in crib or carrier, night sleep in crib. if in crib, in her own room with the heartbeat setting on the sound machine. my best investment this month was the V TECH DM221 audio baby monitor. i found that the first 2 nights of not having a monitor, i was constantly waking up to listen to her (we sleep with all our doors shut as the CAT wakes everyone up!). Naturally i wasn't getting restful sleep, so i got the monitor and it was a lifesaver. love love love the audio monitor! i didnt get the video monitor as i had read that they could be hacked by neighbours who access the frequency, SICKENING. 

as for me: Im ready for work, but as i say this, i still have 15 days off left. anxiety has partially set in. i haven't started studying yet for work but i have my stuff (scrubs/bag/lock/stockings ready). I'm sleeping well from 945pm to 540ish am solidly. it's basically quitting time for me at 8pm! Max is now no longer napping as per his choice so I'm forced to go to sleep early 930pm to benefit him but really, I'm passed out at 940pm anyways. this month i was able to free myself from responsibilities and was able to go out with friends for 2-3 hours on a friday evening (5-8pm including transit time) but i was receiving SOS texts from husband around 730pm as Mikkel is ready for sleep and escalating. he still hasn't put her down for any sleep. nor is he volunteering to do so anytime, his call (I'm annoyed and worried for HER). somewhat nesting again and donating so much again. on my birthday i went out for 2 hours by myself to ZARA heaven and was able to try on (!!!!) clothes and buy stuff i don't need. it was heaven, i felt rejuvenated and happy. oh the simple things in life :o) 


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