Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stop the Clock! Mikkel is 11 months old!

hair: natural side part on the right side with longer bangs. really itching to get a hair clip or tie up her hair into a little pony tail.
eyes: Brown centres, grey rims
weight: SOLID

head: No new teeth in month 10 and I don't see any teeth in the next week or so. gets super excited when we're about to wake up her brother, nearly bouncing while in my arms (heavy!). she really really loves her brother, and has smiles for him whenever she lays eyes on him. she started dancing this last month, and by dancing she either does vertical pushups while standing, or bouncing on her legs with arms up, or just bobbing her head up and down on the spot. Thriller by Michael Jackson was the flavour of the month. Currently notices things all around her now; lights, art, pictures of family and says "hooooo hoooooo" with cute curled lips. 

cries: she sucks at travelling, truly hates being restrained by the carseat. we had to go to UBC to visit someone at the hospital and I had to bring tonnes of entertainment for her alone. the iPad is not something she's interested in at all! if she is tired of a toy, she throws it over her shoulder where I cannot reach (i sit in the back with them), so by the end of the trip (a 40 minute trip), my bag of goodies is on the floor and my ears are deaf from her squawking, shrieking, crying. She also 'fights' with Max will on the car seat- as she is rear facing, she swings her leg over his forward facing space and pushes/semi kicks him. the more i stop her from doing so, the more she escalates. 

GI: i feel like I'm running out of food ideas, because i don't eat that great either. refuses to be spoon fed altogether as an added bonus. for breakfast, it's often an apple, toast, scrambled egg (she's good with egg whites, phew!), despises apple sauce now. for lunch, there's always some sort of chicken and fries wedges plus fruit. Dinner is what we're having plus fruit. she likes peas thankfully as they're so easy to make. i save parts of our dinner to give to her for lunch the next day too. lots of carbs, she's a carb freak like me. she really loves this Munchkin Click Lock Bite Proof Trainer Cup, able to take it and drink on her own...and drops it on the floor. She doesn't like any other cup and will just throw it to the ground without drinking- how is this trial and error of kids stuff even affordable? 

feeding: I reduced the number and frequency of her feeds in month 10 just to prep her for my absence while at work. During month 10, i fed her on waking in the am, after breakfast, mini top up before going out (maybe), after lunch, sometimes after nap if she woke up before 4pm, but not if she woke up after or she'll have less appetite for dinner. always a feed to drowsy during bed time routine. I definitely tried to feed food before breastfeeding this last month. if it was a scorcher day, i was more relaxed about hydration via breast.

^^ extra happy face ^^

GU: pampers baby dry #4

skin/body: chunks of love. still fits in the bathroom sink for her bedtime wash, tried to put her in the big tub by herself and with her go.

communication: her first word is definitely "Daddy" and was said this month. when Gene wakes up, she randomly started saying "dadddddyyyy" and followed him on multiple occasions. Randomly when Gene and Max went to the washroom at a restaurant, she stopped eating and kept saying "dadddddyyyy" for about 1 minute (pretty long in kid vocab!) as she looked around. yep, thanks kid! Also, if she Max tries to take something from her while they're playing, she shrieks or squawks quite loudly but doesn't put up a lingering fight, just resistance.

muscle strength: crawls long distances and looks for me by searching each room. it's just fantastically heart warming and adorable. furniture cruising. pulling herself up with one arm easy.

hands: Like there's no change with these claws, as evidenced by all the scarring on my chest from her scratching. she's also pinching. not sure what i loathe more??!

legs: the only thing frustrating her while crawling are her skirts, they just get right under her knees and pull her down and her body becomes a barrier.

play: any type of peekaboo, tickling. frequent books are Goodnight Moon, Baby Animals sounds, this hand puppet book with a pig, and an ABC book (links to follow eventually). Eating crayons tsktsk 

sleep: looks like she's staying up longer, bed time routine was pushed forward to 640pm during month 10 with her falling asleep at 710pm-ish. 
current schedule: wake up 515-530am (yeah i know!)
-nap at 1015am for 30 minutes
-nap at 2pm for 1.5-2 hours
This month 10, i let her fuss for 1 night (15 minutes) after her first waking and she slept the entire night with no feed! carried on for the rest of the month! Love the Homedics sound machine too for all of our sleep comforts.
On JULY 21st, I let her sleep in the crib for a nap for the first time EVER! She did cry for 10 minutes and then fell asleep for 1.5 hours with the white noise machine and fan blasting. It can happen!! 

how she sleeps: carrier for naps, bouncing to sleep. in her playpen pushed to the darkest park of the room for night sleep. breastfeed till drowsy, but this month I waited only 5 minutes before putting her down in crib as opposed to the 10-12 minutes i used to wait before putting her down and leaving room. sure she fussed, but maybe for 2 minutes max, her body is really ready for sleep at that hour. always sleeps on her tummy. 

as for me: thinking about back to work process. too many things happened in month 10 (parents moving, resettling, mom had surgery, sister moved etc) that i don't feel like much happened with me, myself, and I. I have some goals for Mikkel's new routines to start in month 11 and am finding that i feel more motivated now and can make decisions easier. added pressure helps me see clarity maybe? 


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