Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Birthday Wishlist!!

This month I'm turning the ripe young age of 34!

My birthday has really now just become another day when I turn a year older.  I think I look relatively young (ok young on Snapchat filters ha!), I definitely feel like I'm not a day over 30ish- however being woken up at 530am and literally crawling (vs. bouncing) out of bed makes me feel hella old. My responsibilities are quite heavy and grownup, nevertheless very doable and i'm motivated. Married (check), home ownership (check), done with having babies and the sleep deprivation attached (conquered), lifelong career (check)- ready to add some sweet, salty, sour, and spicy to my mid thirties. Whatever 34 has to offer, i'm as ready as ill ever be!

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As far as gifting, there's nothing like getting all excited about some birthday presents! Believe me when I tell you that I don't need anything, I'm a want for nothing gal. This wish list is primarily for myself, a visual on all the material things that I'm currently lusting after that I may or may not splurge on. TREAT YO' SELF to something expensive says my sister!

Anyways, my wish list In no particular order!

  1. Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 Bandouliere 55 in Macassar - I'm in this mindset that if I get one well made item, then that's all I will never need of that particular item. I'm currently in the market for a carry on bag that'll hold some essentials for myself and the kids. I've always heard that a carry on should include a couple days worth of needs in case the check in gets lost, the 55 should suffice (vs. the Keepall 45). Because anything can happen to vachetta leather, the Macassar is the most care free option. Great weekender bag too, but even better when Mikkel is potty trained as diapers don't need to be a space hog. 
  2. Chanel Le Boy flap bag- it's true when you really are interested in something, you see it around everywhere in the city, seemingly on anyone and everyone. Feels a lot like when I was trying to get pregnant, every.single.woman around the corner had a baby or bump. So here lies the Le Boy bag; beautiful, cross body, casual everyday jeans and tshirt vibe yet epitome of luxury handbags. I'm thinking black caviar with ruthenium hardware ideally, but how many black bags do i own? too many. Maybe Navy with ruthenium hardware? Bold colours would be cool but I wear too many dark colours and am afraid of colour transfer on such an expensive bag. Want!
  3. Gucci Jordaan Leather Loafer- looking forward to transitioning into my favourite season with the timeless loafer that'll carry me through many years. my Fall-Winter uniform of long coat and skinny jeans work well with the menswear inspired shoe, an original fashion house design of over 60 years old. I'm done with crap fast fashion shoes at retail price, as I get older i'm loving shoes that mold to my feet and can be resoled over and over again with the cost per wear going down over the years. Also, because my foot size has gone up a whole shoe size since baby #2, my feet are house hunting!
  4. Jo Malone fragrance- i love stopping by the Jo Malone section at Nordstrom and taking a whiff at all the different scents. I think Holt Renfrew has a section but I don't recall them having that table of samples? Someone correct me if i'm wrong. Anyways, I don't love them all but from the ones I do like, I can't decide which one I love more and willing to drop $120+ on a bottle! Unlike many other fragrances, I feel like the scents are natural- on me, I'm like a walking Sage Wellness instead of Bath and Body Works, y'know what I mean? 
  5. Danish Teak Lounger- i love mid century modern and currently in the market for a lounger to complete our living room. Current criteria includes: Danish teak, clean profile, stamped Made In Denmark or has the maker's mark, open to reupholstering, a pair preferred but 1 will do, ottoman a bonus but not essential. Plenty of MCM retail stores here but id rather save some costs and wait on craigslist- with that, I'm in competition with so many teak hounds. I don't know how they do it, do they refresh the site every minute or something? right place right time? the fastest we've ever sold our teak furniture was literally 4 minutes, item unseen by buyer!
  6. Northwest Coast Native Wrap Ring- I love love love West Coast Native jewellery, something about the carving, design, and symbolism speaks to me. my favourite carver is Alvin Adkins and i have a few of his pieces. I'm looking to add a ring to my collection but still trying to find the right one, or rather the right one will one day choose me if that makes any sense. My fav gallery is just far enough that I can't visit often unless it's a special occasion. This love for native art is something Gene and I have in common, if when we were to get new wedding bling, we'd take gold Native design over diamond any day. 
  7. works of art by Norval Morrisseau- this is a long shot for this year (or for any year who am I kidding? lol), but maybe if I win the lotto?! Other than Ted Harrison, Norval Morisseau is one artist I would spend a small fortune on to adorn my walls. I'd die for 1 large authentic piece! Legend states he used to sell his pieces in Vancouver to fund his addiction decades ago, wow! 

happy birth month to me!


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