Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What's In My Bag - 2 kids edition

I don't know about you, but I enjoy seeing what people are carrying in their bags. I'm just nosey like that :op

From regular purses, to luxury purses, to diaper bags; i like to see what not only fits (if I were to consider purchasing that bag) but also some ideas on what I could carry to make my trekking with two kids much easier. If it seems as though I carry a lot, it's because we're pedestrians 98% of the time; Max on bike + Mikkel stroller/carrier (walking), or Mikkel on carrier + Max on Stroller (using transit and or walking), or Mikkel on carrier + Max walking (using transit).

This was my bag BABY EDITION (1 Child)
This was my bag TODDLER EDITION (1 child)
Without further ado, here's my luggage with 2 kids!:

my purse

  1. mini purse (approx 7" length) for essentials only. I've learned to trim down a lot as a heavy bag and a kid on the carrier was just way too physically exhausting. One handed closure is a must with two kids!
  2. coin purse (from Turkey!) for candy machine quarters, rewards cards, and gift cards
  3. double sided card holder that holds essential plastics: credit card, debit card, ID card, Compass pass
  4. emergency snack for Max; PC organic fruit leathers in any flavour
  5. compact mirror, also used as a toy for either kid (buys me at least 5 minutes of time!!)
  6. key pouch that currently holds at least 6 keys. keeps keys organized and pressed down nearly flat. it also protects the inside of your purses from getting scratched up
  7. Spiderman and Star Wars bandaids for the win!
  8. fabulous lipstick, helps me face the daily challenges when i feel great
  9. emergency liners to buy me time, damn you aunt Flo!
  10. iphone 4

my diaper bag
  1. this Fjallraven Kanken bag is nearly a bottomless pit of space. to boot, once I'm done with needing a diaper bag, Max will take it over as a school backpack. The style has stood the test of time, stylish, and very comfortable
  2. best on the go wipes packaging c/o Kirkland from Costco
  3. best diaper changing station c/o SKIP HOP! useful on the ground, in public washrooms, public change rooms, on a bench, anywhere and everywhere
  4. food for the kids. squeeze pouch, rice puffs, some egg and fries for Mikkel. Cashews, apples, and a sandwich for Max if we aren't eating out
  5. love this Tommee Tippee  bib because it rolls into a compact size and the little pocket catches Mikkel's food waste
  6. phone charger; my batt life sucks
  7. toiletries: tissues, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, Tide to go, random lip stick
  8. fork and spoon set from Daiso, love this for when we're eating out and plastics are of poor quality (and some bad for the environment)
  9. S'WELL bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 hours. it's also the only water bottle that fits in the Kanken external pockets
  10. bubble wand (it's summer after all!)
  11. washable crayola felts for whenever they need to be occupied. Also a chewing toy for Mikkel ha!

the stroller compartments

The umbrella stroller I have has the undercarriage but I also bought the awesome J.L Childress Cups 'N Cargo Organizer for added compartments- really, one can never have enough compartments!

  1. I have this pacifier holder for Max's soothers (yes he still uses them to queue him to nap) when we have to be out during nap hours. they keep the soothers clean, child #1 gets sleep anywhere- although lately, he can't fall asleep in the stroller anymore (cuz he's too big for the allotted space but he still wants to go on)
  2. various toys for both, the favourite here is the Kazoo
  3. because it's summer, hats are essential
  4. seeds for when we feed the ducks (did you know bread is not recommended duck food?)
  5. quick grab napkins from various fast food joints because someone is always making a mess 
  6. hand sanitizer, we are transit users after all. Don't worry though, I don't overkill on these antibacterial products, I'm not afraid of germs. Also, SPF 50+ kids sunscreen for all of us. Ombrelle is the only brand I am NOT allergic to
  7. quick grab diapers for Mikkel when a sink is available and I can wash her bum instead of going through the lie down and wipes motion- she also won't stay still while supine so washing her bum as she stands is the path of least resistance
  8. in the Spring/Summer/Fall time, we often have picnics together. this old table cloth can be folded into a small size (fits under the backpack in the undercarriage) yet folds out to a relatively large space for us comfortably to sit, eat, and play around the city. we're always ready to picnic! 

Any recommendations on what I should carry?
Should stop carrying?
Hope you enjoyed
'Tis the life! 


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