Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Lately

Max: the last half hour of the night before bed, he gets to choose an activity to do with me. The activity changes each night, but cannot be repeated two nights in a row. We either color (in his Spiderman book), read as many books as he wants, or play. The play almost always involves me pretending to be a damsel in distress as he turns into a Zombie or Me as the Zombie chasing him as he squeals around the house.

Max: we HAVE to watch Michael Jackson's Thriller music video upon waking in the morning and after nap. He just gained confidence watching this video in the last couple months, whereas previously he couldn't even get passed the scene of the couple walking in the 1950's outfit. He's just obsessed with this video! It's not really an appropriate video for kids as it's quite scary. Developmentally he can blur the lines between reality and fantasy, so far though he's comforted by the night light in our room, cosleeping with Mikkel and I, playing pretend zombie, asking a million questions about zombies, and repeat viewing of the video. He doesn't like to night sleep or nap with the closet opened though and has no problem napping by himself in a dim room- doing something right?! lol

Mikkel: she decided she no longer wants to be spoon fed anything after breakfast so baby led weaning is what we've been doing lately. My friend just reminded me that i used to do this with Max (i don't remember this at all), nearly everyday she's been getting mojo's from Safeway. she LOVES them, they're 'healthy' K+, she loves to pick them up and eat eat eat!

Mikkel: again with food, i have so many frozen food cubes for the 6-8month portion phase. Since she's anti spoon, i just got some ground chicken and made mini patties/meatballs of various chicken + veg combo. I fry them and chop them up for her for lunch or dinner = insta meal all in one. As an alternative, she also gets a scrambled egg yolk almost every single day because she can pick this up and eat it, great for transport! I'm running dry on food ideas, clearly.

Me: I'm obsessed with trying to find this Chanel mini square flap on the preloved market

I'm also obsessed with finding the dupes of these Chanel slingback's in a lower block heel and much lower price!

Me: I spend my free time watching YouTube videos, SnapChat, and Instagram perusing. My current fave channels are: 
do you have any recommendations? let me know!

Life lately.


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