Friday, May 27, 2016

What Keeps me Sane-ish? Life Lately

I'm running on empty most days as sleep deprivation is no longer acute but running on chronic.

Mikkel cries out every.faqing.hour to heck even every 30-45 minutes over night because she's teething? maybe? and since i'm cosleeping with both and not wanting to wake #1 (who wants 2 cranky kids right?), i gotta pick the baby and myself up and move to the living room and try to sleep on the crappy cushioned couch that is so uncomfortable.

The faqing cat is all happy and curious why we're in the living room that it's jumping on the couch, meowing back and forth, moving here and there totally stimulating Mikkel when I want her to go to sleep. I often wish I have/had something to throw at him.

Max's tantrums are increasing in frequency; last night's for one because I manually turned his movie on using the DVD buttons when he wanted me to turn it on using the MISSING REMOTE.... grrr....

Like I say to every nurse-ling and nurse out there, "you gotta take care of yourself before you take care of other people." right? Here's what keeping me sane(ish) lately, taking it one day at a time.
  1. Coffee- i'm a coffee green horn. I start my day off (sometimes days don't actually end because I'm up every.faqing.hour from 12am yada yada yada) with 2 tablespoons of hot chocolate mix, 1 tablespoon of instant original roast coffee, and milk. I was never skeptical of coffee, but now I see and feel its power. Need it.
  2. Max's biology CD- his class learns a science subject every month and it's accompanied by music to which they perform at the end of every month. I really like the music and the lyrics as they're well written and catchy. I may have learned something or two as well. 
  3. Sunshine- when the week's weather looks hot, too hot for the month, I'm charged up and have plans to order food, visit family, keep kids on schedule, walk long distances, and do a crap load of stuff. When the forecast is bleak, i'm like 'is my computer fully charged?'
  4. Youtube Videos- i love watching youtube channels of people with Luxury handbag collections, reviews, unboxing. Living vicariously but also because if I were to choose to afford something, it would be beautiful bags! Which leads me to the next activity...
  5. Online shopping- the internet just makes it way too easy to shop online and return without hassle. somehow looking/touching an item that has a $100 price tag makes you think twice, but a $1000 price tag on a luxury good item that I can't touch (ebay, consignment, official luxury sites) seems like a good deal, especially when it's preloved.
  6. Creating wardrobe capsules- something about writing down the clothes I have for the season and mix/matching outerwear-pants-tops-shoes in different combinations is really fun for me. I like to say, "i have nothing to wear" a lot so the fact that I actually know what's in my closet and saving money instead of buying clothes makes me feel good. Thanks Pinterest for the endless outfit inspos! 
  7. Writing in my agenda- i feel more organized and in control of my time- control of something! Something I can look forward to and prepare for.
  8. High Waisted Jeans- just bought jeans that tuck everything in. I wear them often
  9. Play dates- hanging out with other friends babies? yes please! Nursing friends with babies? unfiltered chatter and of course, people who understand shift work and the challenges involved when you are away from your exclusively breastfed child for more than 14 hours a day x 4 days/week
  10. Watching the Social- i don't watch the show everyday, but every time I do I learn something from their debates. It's really how I stay current on the news nowadays too. Four intelligent and funny women with different perspectives, they're young and they don't all agree- love it!
  11. Tasty, Taste Made, Buzzfeed Food videos on your FB feed- WTF do i make for dinner this week? oh thanks for the ideas! Although I spend more time watching instead of recreating.
  12. Comfort food- diet Coke, diet pepsi, peanut M&M's, giant Superstore chocolate muffins, Pepperoncini flavoured chips, mojo's from Safeway, sushi with extra ginger and spicy mayo
  13. Funny Stuff on the Internet- love reading the comments section on anything. Meme's, some-ecards, spoofs, trolling, celebrity gossip etc.
  14. Going to the mall or Superstore with 1 child- 2 kids are too much to haul, especially as Vancouver isn't very wheel friendly. I like to hit the mall when someone is about to nap...peace and quiet! shopping is so therapeutic, there's absolute truth in retail therapy
  15. Organizing my drawers/files/clothes/stuff- Purging and organizing constantly. Feels like I can breathe. Even in condo living, there's always something
  16. Spontaneous picnics with the kids- something about bringing all the kids outside and sitting on a blanket while eating a meal is an instafix for restlessness and irritability- for the entire troop! 
  17. since there are some big moves happening in my family, i love looking at what's available and what's there for sale in the real estate market. So many beautifully furnished apartments and when there are open houses close to me, love going to those too to snoop around and get some ideas for my place
  18. Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook- updates, inspiration, current events, household swaps, pretty pictures etc
  19. Smitten Kitchen (via Instagram) and Pioneer Woman (via Food Network)- my sis introduced me to these two cooks, recipes are so yummy and easy. Pictures are beautiful and true to your own result. It feels good to add something new to the menu options at least once a month. When a 4 y/o eats it, and bits and pieces are also baby approved; win win!
  20. Overlapping sleep hours- there's an overlap in my day where Max, Mikkel and yes even the husband (who by no means deserves a nap but that's a whole other story) so the TV is off, the house is quiet except for my chosen noise, i'm not yet exhausted from the day, and it's not yet dark out. Tranquility, yes!
  21. Exercise- something about fresh air and change in environmental temperature really helps you snap out of the i'm-so-faqing-tired reality funk
  22. Reading books turned into movies- sometimes I'm so foggy, i just gotta go straight to the movie- which always sucks compared to the book! Yes, i finish the a month or so.
It's the simple things in life.


  1. Hii it's anna love your blog !! I can relate too soo much esp the tasty Vids on fb I have not made anything yet lol !!

  2. Hii it's anna love your blog !! I can relate too soo much esp the tasty Vids on fb I have not made anything yet lol !!

  3. I don't have an agenda but I do have an old fashion calendar, the non electronic kind, and I get total kicks out of filling it out and staring at it and figuring out when I will get a second to myself ;)

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