Monday, May 23, 2016

Photography, take 2

Some recent finds on Max's SD card!
His first set of photos and the story behind his own digicam can be found HERE.
We also didnt have batteries for the longest time, where do you get rechargeable AA's nowadays?

^^ this is his Lego table in the corner of the playroom. Babies and Lego are 
a scary mix and I'm hyper vigilant about cleaning up not only because Mikkel 
can choke on them but also it's so f'ing painful to accidentally step on a piece ^^

^^ he's doing a #fromWhereIStand shot? ^^

^^ FaceTime with lolo ^^

^^ fancy vintage taxi ^^

^^ obligatory construction site ^^

^^ his first ever page of practicing letters ^^

^^ all the women he loves most in his life! aww! ^^

^^ bedtime story ^^

^^ best friend ^^

^^ i love this boy! first selfies!? ^^


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