Tuesday, May 10, 2016

my period!

my first period arrived yesterday after not having a flow since december 2014.
this is not a moment of celebration, i only have words of disdain for this curse.

i can't wait until i can take birth control pills again to ease the heaviness and to make life so much more predictable! but alas, i have to live my life in heavy duty padding for 5-7days a week each month. i wish there was a way to tell my body, 'hey I'm done having kids! i don't want a period anymore!'

on a brighter note, when Mikkel has her period, I'm planning a mom-daughter celebration and tell her all that I know and make her feel comfortable with her flow. my complete feelings of contempt for aunt Flow has to do with lack of knowledge and prep when I was younger and all the embarrassing moments I had to suffer through and learn on my own the hard way. 

melodrama at its finest :) 


  1. Rem when I got my period? Traumatic.


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