Monday, May 2, 2016

Aiya, Mikkel is 8 months old!

hair: dark brown
eyes: light brown in the middle, grey surrounding ring
weight: ?
diapers: size 4 baby dry

head: seems like she has more hair, and thicker. i don't see any active curls but she has a natural side part with bangs towards her left side. I still love her Baby Bling Bow! 2 front teeth out...two more bottom teeth nearly cutting the gum. zero upper row teeth but I'm seeing some shades of white x 2 top centre. 

cries: still not a baby that cries that much. i had the worst 7-10 days ever this last month when her two front bottom teeth were cutting through at nearly the same time. she and I barely slept at night as she just wanted her mouth to be around the nipple, and when I unlatched her and laid her down, she would cry awake within 15 minutes. SO TIRING and just the tip of the ice berg. Otherwise, usual cries for food, sleep, getting off something she's tired of. she barely lasts on the stroller too, she hates it! no issues with car seat.

^^ this pink doll was the only toy I brought from the Philippines! I've had it circa 1987ish and I remember the moment and feeling of finding it beside my bed on Christmas day ^^

GI: currently eats about 3 ice cubes worth of food a day, gnaws on 1-2 slices of green apple, a mum-mum for dinner, and bits of pieces of my dinner I've pinched off and feed to her. besides peanuts, strawberries, egg white...ive nearly given her everything I've eaten without waiting in between. so far she's OK! poops are more formed, and thank goodness we only had max 3 blowouts this month. it's just so cute when she opens her mouth for food!

GU: going strong with #4 baby dry

skin/body: fair skin, no rashes, no issues with diaper rash. her creases are to die for and i want to eat her. her face is surprisingly not round and chubby- she'll have one of those oval faces that fit any type of hair cut and sunglasses. Lucky!

communication: lots and lots of squawking. she must've discovered her voice this month as it's the only way I can describe her sounds for a majority of the time. it's SO LOUD, yet cute. i often have to get up and out of the bedroom early WAY too early so her squawking doesn't wake up Max. 

muscle strength: sitting up great, rolling around 360 on her tummy. no positioning indicating readiness to crawl. super dangerous on the change table...cannot be left alone. restless in bed, still prefers rolling to her right side.  

hands: i have to cut her nails every 3 days...CLAWS. she caresses your face gently and finishes by digging her nails into your face. ouch! currently loves to knead my breast while breastfeeding and pinching like mad while pulling at my skin, hurts!

legs: she's hit or miss with the jumperoo but L-O-V-E-S the jolly jumper. she's currently on link 17 and i can have a good 30-45 minutes of hands free time when on it.

play: Max. anything she can bang together. everything goes in her mouth. peekaboo games. Duplo in her mouth.

sleep: Bathing starts at 620, and done by 630ish. I breastfeed for 10-30 minutes total from both sides, latch her off and hold her for 10 minutes and then i plop her in her crib. i put her down with head at 3 o'clock and legs at 9 o'clock, by the time i go into her room, her head is at 6 o'clock and legs at 12 o'clock. Since she was able to roll, she rolls to her tummy instantaneously, and continues to do so. she stirs awake when Max and i go to bed about 10pm ish and she joins us in bed. overnight, she yelps and needs to get back to sleep almost every 1-2 hours to which i latch her on the nipple for maybe 2-5 minutes and she falls asleep again with little nibbling. She doesn't often have full feeds overnight since solids became more established but still needs the breast to fall back asleep. I lay her on her back in bed, and again rolls to her right side or onto her tummy for sleep. by 530am I'm exhausted at getting up so again, i let my left breast out and she suckles on it until about 630am when she wants to wake up. 630-7am she can mumble to herself, but at 7am she gets louder and i have to get up and out of the room so Max doesn't wake up. 

how she sleeps: daytime, carrier only. Naps have transitioned from always 3 to sometimes 3 and for sure two. For sure they total to 2-2.5 hours a day. if she wakes up at 630ish, she can hold off napping until 11am for about 1 hour. Next time approx 230-3pm for another 1-1.5hours. Nighttime, 7-10pm in crib, 10pm-wakeup co sleeping with Max and I. I've introduced a toy to her that hopefully will become her "lovey" so she can associate it with comfort and sleep. Im also using the Badger Sleep Balm for some night time comfort and new associations for both kids- don't expect anything overnight!

as for me: My hair isn't falling out as much as before. not losing weight. i love COFFEE based beverages but 1 tsp of instant coffee has me wired (i know, seriously! lol). i don't have my period yet!! hungry hungry all the time.

reading this whenever i feel like 'giving up' from fatigue: BREASTSLEEPING!
i have to say that whenever i say 'cosleeping' to a public health nurse, not one has told me to stop but instead given me info on how to do it safely. Times are changing!

current pressing questions: 
  • when is Mikkel going to sleep for longer periods? she's currently waking up every.f'ing.hour (to 2 hours) from 12am
  • how will Gene handle her frequent wakings while preserving Max's need for quality sleep?
  • will she ever not nap in the carrier before I go back to work?
  • will she ever nap in the stroller?
  • when will she connect this toy as a sleep crutch since she's anti pacifier? 
  • how do i sneak out of a room with 2 kids for when i need to go back for a day shift?


What is on your mind?


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