Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why, Hello!

guilty of being MIA!

way too many things went on this month and although I would have loved to share it with you all, let's face it- logging in, typing it all out, taking pictures, editing pictures, constructing somewhat of a concise piece to publish just takes up way too much of my precious ME time. By ME time I mean no child is attached to me on a carrier, everyone is bathed and fed, and I get to sit down by a light in comfort. Nothing too fancy though because Max is still wanting to show me his every new move and skill, ask for anything and everything to eat every 20 minutes, play this, read that, y' of a mom. 
What I have been doing though is relishing in the fact that my mom has semi retired, my sister has given birth to #2, trying to soak in the idea that my parents and sister are moving, sitting in my usual spot at home online shopping like cray when i'm 'off', playing around with a folded up work schedule beside me as it's drawing near, and watching Jingle All The Way, Home Alone, Spiderman 1, 3 for the billionth time per Max's request. 
Do you follow me on Instagram? i have a private account! if you're not creepy...i'll approve you. I would say that that platform is my most active mini blog.

And I leave you with this little .jpg that showed up on my Facebook feed. 
Some time this last month, Max had a growth spurt in all faculties. He's just extra rebellious and defiant different (oh and his meltdown's are BIGGER too).  i'm ever so cherishing our current situation of co-sleeping and him needing me tirelessly. i'm being nagged...he's still a little boy!! My tender time with this LITTLE boy is numbered and expect tears when he no longer uses me as his crutch. Lest I forget....


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