Monday, April 4, 2016

Geez Louise! Mikkel is 7 months old!

oops late!
***** also, no idea why my text are different and wonky on this post. apologies!

Mikkel's head to toe:

hair: dark brown  eyes: light brown with a ring of grey  weight: 8.6kg on her 6 month checkup  diapers: size 3 cruisers are nearly done, now #4 baby dry

head:  no actual curls seen, but her hair feels and looks kinda fuzzy. she has the 'boing' most mornings. sometime during month 6 her head must've sprouted a lot more hair because it looks fuller! the only hair accessory i use on her is her Baby Bling Bow which I bought at nordstrom. We get tonnes of compliments and she never tries to take it off! 

cries:  overall a happy baby. more fussy this month though. looks for me, easily upset if I'm not paying attention or if she can't see me amongst family. more fussiness at night. white spots are starting to show on her bottom, front, centre gums so TEETHING season is starting. we also switched her to the Diono RXT car seat and is so far enjoying it a lot more than the infant bucket seat.

GI: less blowouts, maybe a handful of times maximum a month since we started solids. poops look like solids intake! during month 6 she transitioned from 1 meal a day to 3 meals a day. a total of about 3 ice cubes and a pack of mum mum's which she loves. TEETHING!!! 

GU:  About to start #4 baby dry. started using a straw cup which she has zero interest in. also bought a Nuby zippy cup which she is still learning to do, she loves water so I'm sure it'll be sooner than later.

skin/body: fair skin. amazing legs and thighs. sometime in month 6 she discovered her feet so she's often grabbing them while changing her diaper, or lying supine, and or while sitting up.

communication: definitely loves Max and beams whenever she sees him. lots of happy squeals, and irritated squeals especially when Max is a little rough. lots of talking to herself...especially in the early hours of the morning when Max and I are sleeping(!!) and she wants to get up or think it's play time. she's saying "hey" a lot but i don't think it's an actual first word. she gives me tender caresses to the face or leg when I'm around and close to thinking it's purposeful.

muscle strength: i randomly sat her up during the latter weeks of month 6 and she stayed sitting. I'm still surrounding her with pillows as she's tipped over a few times within a SPLIT second (seriously, a SPLIT!). She's rolling both ways but still prefers her usual rolling side. meeting her milestones according to the baby's best chance.

^^ favorite expression while on bouncer ^^

hands: she pulls on my shirt when she wants a feed. her hands are warm and her touch is different from what i remember..or at least it feels tender and meaningful. her nails are TALONS. be careful when she reaches out to you, it appears like she's about to caress your face, but some part during that touch she will use her nails to dig in for a more 'detailed' feel i guess? i know there's nothing menacing behind it, but they're like knives! 

legs: loves the jolly jumper way more than the bouncer. legs are massive and delicious! i don't recall a time i've ever cut her toe nails...hmmm, maybe once in 7 months! they don't seem to grow as fast. and unfortunately for her...she inherited my feet and nails.

play: peekaboo games. Max interacting with her. anything that can be made into an instrument or is an instrument. Max's toys!

sleep: night routine starts at 620pm. down in crib by 7pm (sometimes cries, sometimes doesn't). stirs awake 10pm as Max and I walk in to the room. Comes to bed with us. sleeps until 1130-12. and from then on, i feel like I see the clock every.exhausting.hour for a comfort feed vs. real feed. wants to wake up at 5am, so i let my left breast hang out and she pacifies herself to sleep connecting and disconnecting from the breast until 7-730am. not sure what Gene will do when i go back to work. not sure how to rectify this nipple pacifying and when is the right time to do so. i'm just too tired to put in any new efforts!

how she sleeps: day time, carrier only. again, not sure how gene is going to do this and when i should transition to something different as what I'm doing works for me now. overnight, comfort feeds via breast, see above.

as for me: no period yet woohoo!! hair stopped shedding like mad during month 6. pretty exhausted by 9pm. my mid back hurts as Mikkel is getting heavier. i need a coke or caffeinated drink daily. I have zero patience for my husband. surprised by my amazing tolerance and patience for my children. still on a spending spree like money growing on trees! overall pretty darned happy that it's light out till late, my sis is on mat leave, my mom is off work indefinitely. 

5 months of mat leave left!

^^ we are both upset by it! ^^ lol


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