Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We started SOLIDS!

i started solids with Mikkel sometime during month 6 and so far, she's not loving it! I don't really remember how it was like with Max or what I fed him but with #2, I'm not going to freak about it because eventually she'll eat. Before I know it, i'll be grumbling about the kids not eating an adequate amount of dinner but ask for a snack one after another, after another, for the rest of the night every.15.minutes- like Max does now! I know i'm not alone here!

Currently, i'm making all of Mikkel's food because it's more cost effective, easy, and actually really fun to do.  She's also been eating bits and pieces of our dinner- especially nice if we have left overs because I just chop it up and freeze it for her in the cubes. if the dinner is extra saucy, I wash the sauce off or save some plain veggies for her on the side before it goes in the actual meal. I contemplated on baby led weaning but since I do everything around here, I didn't want to add cleaning up the floor to my repertoire. Besides, I feel like I'm bonding with her every time she opens up her mouth for a bite...it's just so small and cute! love this girl!

my current faves:

  1. OXO Ice Cube Tray When I first started making food, I wanted to buy at least 2 of these ice trays because I was planning to go all Julia Child with the baby food making. Thankfully, I talked myself out of it and bought only 1 as i realized you can only introduce so much to the baby at a time anyways, and food freezes pretty fast. I like these ice cube trays because the food is covered as it freezes and doesn't get freezer burned (in my opinion). Also, so easy to take the food out with a slight running of water at the back, no major cracking of the tray needed to release the blocks.
  2. Vegetable Steamer. I got a silicone vegetable steamer so my pans won't be scratched up and because the metal one I had rusted. as with the concept of all steamer, it preserves the nutrients better than boiling and throwing all the vitamins down the drain. 
  3. Hand Blender. First it's versatile- from DIY soups to pureed baby food! You can choose your colour, does the job, easy to clean.

  1. OXO baby spoons. These are my favourite baby spoons because of its ergonomic design. My hand doesn't feel awkward or cramp up when I feed her, and the spoon fits perfect in her mouth. I'm also a sucker for someone who can choose a colour! I wish though that these, in their set of two, came with an on the go case. I think the singles do though, but as kids drop spoons so often, nice to have a backup in lunch bag.
  2. Fisher Price Deluxe Quick Clean Portable Booster. Apartment size, grows with her (high chair to booster), space saver, easy to clean, portable, and was on sale at the right now. Can't ask for more, it was meant to be.
  3. Bib with a food catcher. i'm not particular to any brand, as long as it has a catcher/tray it's good. The most logical invention in the baby product world!

  1. SKIP HOP lunch bag. Litterless lunch, super cute, insulated, currently holds some food basics for two kids. again, i'm a sucker for when you can choose a colour or animal or design etc. We've had ours since Max was born!
  2. First Years Take and Toss Straw Cup. once baby is slightly older, maybe 10+ months, these are the best cups. Easy to clean (trust me, all the others grow MOULD), well priced, and you can have 1 for water, 1 for smoothies, 1 for dairy, 1 for whatever. We still use a cup in the bedroom for Max in case he is thirsty overnight, if he spills it...no shattered glass!
  3. Glasslock Tempered Glass Containers. My mom bought a whole bunch from Costco, came with a size perfect for the amount a baby, a toddler, a grownup would eat...plus more for random leftover storage of daily meal life. Even though they're not the lightest packaging of baby food you can buy, at least you can reheat glass, no staining, no leeching of chemicals into baby's system. check Costco!
So excited for this milestone in Mikkel's life! 
Here's MAX eating at 6 months and his food journey 6 months after.


  1. My #3 wasn't into solids until 10 months old. Now she eats and eats and eats. We don't make baby food but just feed her bits of ours. Every baby is different. Josie loved eating mushed foods and did so right at 6 months with gusto. You are right not to sweat it! Food before one is just for fun!


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