Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mikkel is 6 months old!

feeling glass half empty: only 6 more months of mat leave left!!

Mikkel's head to toe:

hair: dark brown  eyes: grey with a hint of brown  weight: TBA after 6th month vaccines  diapers: size 3 cruisers as they apparently fit bigger, but will go to size 4

head:  Nothing major to announce here in terms of changes, however she has this alfalfa sprout at the top of her head that she almost always wakes up with and needs water to tame it down. i wonder if it's the beginning of wavy or curly hair? how lucky!! I tripped a week or so ago with her on the carrier. Although I don't completely remember the actual falling part, I somehow saved Mikkel's head from smashing against the concrete surface. She was napping at the time and only had a small little cry- mainly from my sudden change in positioning, then went back to finish her sleep. She left unscathed whereas I have a double knee superficial injury and bruising. Worst i've ever had, discomfort worst than childbirth.

cries:  overall continues to be a chill baby. reasons for crying though are, - needs to have a nap, - can't go back to sleep overnight and needs the breast because whatever i've been trying for the last hour isn't working and she's getting tired, - she's tired and i've disappeared from her field of vision, - tired of sitting in the car seat, or Bumbo, or high chair, - almost time for night sleep- she just wants me. standard fare baby needs that I'm finding so much easier coping with than I did with Max.

GI: Drooling and no signs of teeth. she had a 3 day bout of blood in her stool, I'm not sure what caused it but it disappeared on its own. still using the Bumbo and her movements are 5/7 times predictable effect. 1-2 blowouts a day. Started Barley cereal around Feb 26th for fun but she is not that interested. As for breastfeeding, I feed her mostly every.darn.hour.(and a half at times) overnight, and never less than 4 times/night. She definitely needs the breast to queue her to sleep. Won't take a soother (boo). I somehow still wakeup feeling pretty refreshed and functional, let alone not irritable; don't know HOW i do it (well actually, I do a daily check in with myself if i've had a hard not and to not take it out not the kids). she loves to chew on things, in particular those green Avent soothers but won't actually suck on it

GU:  i checked with Max's history and at 6 months, he was still on #3 cruisers. Ordered #3's for another month and will see as she is smaller than Max. Did i mention walmart delivers diapers? bonus! they have the best price per diaper when on sale.

skin/body: I get A LOT of comments about how fair she is compared to Max. How Max looks mixed but she looks basically caucasian- i see it and I don't.  body composition squishy little thing, but not as roley poley as Max was at the same age- I mean her thighs fit through the Bumbo leg openings whereas Max's barely did. Still sitting on the ERGO pillow to boost her up close to my chin. Definitely in 6-12 months tops and bottoms.

communication: improved laughs and giggles. Max is really good at making her laugh! she reaches out for toys she likes and does a table sweep away of toys she no longer wants on her little Bumbo table. she loves to pick up stuff and drop them on the ground which is cute after 1 or 2x, and then yeah no. she's enjoying herself when she has her mouth open smiling. she follows me with her head turns, and I'm really feeling the love! she comes at me with her mouth open and i think she's trying to kiss me! woo hop

muscle strength: Tolerates prolonged tummy time. she loves the fisher price bouncer (check out my instagram for the video)! She can't sit up on her own yet (but seems like she can when on the Bumbo), but she can hold her head up with no problem. she's a major caterpillar, and have found her in various predicaments within a split second of putting her down on the ground in what I thought was a safe and comfortable position. the other day, i found her literally wrapped around the leg of our coffee table! with being put down to sleep, I put her down with her head at 3pm and legs at 9pm, but by the time we go into sleep she's repositioned herself with head at 6pm and legs at 12pm. she isn't as irritable while we cosleep when I'm in the way- more content with her position and leaving herself as is or has figured out alternatives in positioning instead of being stuck. I've discovered I can get away with just directly lying her on her tummy after an overnight feed instead of waiting for her to roll and reposition herself back to her tummy.

hands: Nails continue to be like talons despite frequent cutting. I would love to let her caress my face or chest, but she tends to dig her nails in at some point and wow PAIN. her hands are warm though and she holds and or pushes my breast while feeding. while sleeping together, a part of her arm or her hand is always touching me. frequently, she's holding on to the scoop neck part of my tees like she doesn't want to let me go, even when asleep- no complaints there!

legs: she wants to jump on everything. fun, but heavy- a great upper body workout for me! she's also doing that standing, and then buckling her knees game- again, cute but heavy and she can easily slip from ones grip.

play: Loves Peekaboo games, loves the bouncer! as for toys, she likes anything that will fit in her mouth. I'm being pretty strict on the toys around her now and am super scared of a choking incident because of Max's unsafe toys (aka any hot wheels and his candy).

sleep: Wakes up at 730am-ish because it's SO BRIGHT outside. she wakes up when i take my nipple out of her mouth within 5 minutes or so, and then she chats to herself for a few minutes. by this time she's loud and I'm pretending to sleep, heck because I NEED more sleep, but i love it when i see her looking up at me and checking if I'm awake- which is about every 30 seconds.  if I'm not waking up fast enough, she's trying to touch my face but ends up scratching my face and really rousing me to fully awake mode because of those darn nails of hers!

As of late, after waking up at 730am, nap around 1000 for about half an hour. then sleeping 1200-ish until 115pm-ish if I'm doing a lot of bouncing to get her back to sleep after the dreaded 45 MINUTE INTRUDER, then short nap again from maybe 4-430pm. I find she will wake up after 45 minutes for sure if I'm not pressing her head down to my chest and bouncing long enough - ie. when I need to deal with other things for another child. In ideal circumstances, id love to have her sleep for 1 1/2 hours at 2nd nap but times are slowly dwindling- sucks for 2nd child! 

how she sleeps: during the day time, always on the carrier. bouncing, shushing, pressing her head to my chest, covering her with the carrier hood. at night, breast feed for comfort and some gentle CIO. a fellow mom hired a sleep consultant and said that from 7pm-12am is their deepest sleep time and if they wake up, it's from being over tired. from 12am-5am, it's different and needs training. For us, i've noticed she cries before 12am (like at 1030pm) because Max and I are noisy getting into bed and he and I have to have our little talks before sleep so we're both making noises in the room- at this time I let her cry to sleep (maybe 2-15 minutes of agony for all of us). After this, she wakes up after 1130pm-midnight usually, and i bring her into bed where I feed every 1-2 hours to get her back to sleep. At 5am I get fed up and just let my left breast hang out while she feeds on and off turning her head. I feel this again, like previous months, is the deepest sleep we get. she continues to be a tummy sleeper for the most part, but also sleeps on her right side (the usual fav) to face me.

as for me: nothing major to report except that I'm ALWAYS HUNGRY and i think i've gained some weight. probably has something to do with her increased feeds and my energy supply. I stopped having coffee products because i think it really has an effect on her sleep c/o breastmilk. I've had some really shitty nights and it's often always attributed to the instant gratification i get from a coffee beverage. Luckily, it's only in quality coffee/espresso products, cheap caffeine (ie. from McD) doesn't have as powerful of an effect. i'm also in the I DESERVE IT mode when it comes to shopping. I really should stop hitting the mall as much as I do with some newly found free times in my schedule because there's always something I want or want to put on my I NEED IT list!


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