Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy List - Max 4.0

top things (in no particular order) that are making Max 4.0 extra happy lately

  • he found the youtube channels: KidCityLucas' World, and the Axel Show by clicking a link, within a link and is totally mesmerized by all the figurines of his favourite super heroes and kids opening toys. I've never fully watched a video, but I hear it in the background- giant Kinder-like eggs with toys inside, toy reviews, people playing with toys etc. He's just like me, the more i watch reviews on youtube, the more enticing the Louis Vuitton bag toy becomes
  • going to the mall with his lolo and lola; bottom line, grandparents say NO a lot less frequently than parents
  • building 5-7 mini Duplo towers and setting them up like bowling pins. then, using his monster trucks or hot wheels and slamming into them. the more towers that fall, the stronger the monster truck or hot wheel
  • reading AY NAKU! over and over again. it's our favourite book right now
  • picking a super hero from his Marvel poster and pretending to be him/her for the day/night while he practices his ninja defence and attack moves. this involves lots of rolling on the ground, jumping, high kicks in the hair, rumbling, tumbling, serious ninja facial expressions, and various toys pretending to be weapons, and me throwing a squishy caterpillar toy at him so he can dodge it 

  • going to the local play pit, play cafe (worth the $7 and they have good coffee!), playground with slides that resemble the Paw Patrol slide, pretending to be a paw patrol pup while going down the slide, and with toddler level jungle gym's, sandboxes, and large grass fields
  • going to the mud fields and puddles; and guiding me to which puddles are safe for me to walk through as they're not too deep. he uses his 3 foot shovel to gauge the depth and decide whether it's safe for us to carry on. he also uses this shovel to gauge whether the muddy area is too soft or perfectly firm to carry our weight as he has had a bad experience with getting stuck in the mud
  • finding a bike parking lot with lots and lots of bikes and ringing all the bike bells he can find
  • he loves showing off this famous Michael jackson move while listening to MJ's #1's

  • doing wacky dance moves in front of his sister while she's in the jumper. she reacts by squealing and jumping vigourously which feeds into him dancing some more for her. lovely cycle of laughs!
  • talking about pee and poo, farting and us reacting to his farts. the more we react, the more we talk about it, the more we say "pee" "poo" "fart" in a sentence, the more he laughs! 
oh, KIDS! 


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