Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mikkel is 5 months old!

january came and went!
starting solids next month, and it also marks the countdown back to work (insert groan here)

Mikkel's head to toe:

hair: dark brown   eyes: grey with a hint of brown   weight: 15.3lbs on Jan 7th   
diapers: 3 baby dry to finish off the pack, then #4's

head: sometime in early Jan, i put coconut oil on her head and with a fine toothed comb i removed the cradle cap. hasn't returned since! the cradle cap was nasty on the comb, picture a comb going through your nose hairs and all the boogers it'd be lifting and picking up. ew

cries: not bad at all on car seat, now falls asleep within 10 minutes and stays asleep for about 20-30 minutes. overall, doesn't really cry that much unless it's her fussy time (5:30pm plus) or if wanting to get off the bouncer, or off tummy time, or hungry (which is rare because i always pay attention). overall, she's quite textbook as to her form of communication as a baby.

GI: teething and drooling, but nothing has erupted. continues to be exclusively breastfed and feeding well. her feeding though has been all over the map during month four, with sometimes a feed every hour to two hours over night. it kinda snuck up on me during the third week when i started paying attention to the times I'm woken up overnight. I'm currently trying to feed her pre-sleep and post sleep and every reasonable opportunity just so she can load up on calories during the day and not be so hungry at night - well at least that's one of my theories. she also probably had a growth spurt in month 4 which explains why she was having meal sized feeds overnight even though she kept her eyes closed and remained in sleep mode. as for poop, it's been all over the place too ...the BUMBO has been a blessing and a curse. if i put her on the BUMBO, 8/10 times she'll have a really good movement, but it also results in a huge blowout. some of her blowouts have resulted in the clothes being thrown out, point of no return. y'know it's cute for babies to wear WHITE and all, but after many staining's not that appealing anymore.

GU: Need #4's baby dry! love ordering diapers online from walmart!

skin/body: I'm still putting cornstarch around her neck to keep her from getting a rash. she always seems to have some redness on her right side, as she continues to favour that tilt while sleeping. overall squishy, and loveable! abdominal contact dermatitis has gone. on the ERGO she's still sitting on that little pillow to keep her close to my chest, she sleeps poorly without it otherwise. shirts 3-6 months from Old Navy, but less skin tight if in the 6-12 months. OldNavy is having so many sales, as is babyGAP and someone please tell me why babyGAP stuff are just so beautiful and irresistible?! i love their spring line right now...but again, what's with the cream and white??!!

communication: she's good with other people holding her as long as I'm within visual range. she smiles at strangers every now and then. when they take the time to baby talk and make baby faces at her, she's responding back in her own language verbally. she's really all about the piercing eye contact, and it's insta smiles when ours meet. sometimes i catch her looking at me and smiling even when I'm distracted by the TV/Phone/other child. the kid loves me! laughs are big open mouths for now, with the occasional giggle.

muscle strength: improved tummy time where she can lie on her tummy, resting on her forearms, and play with her chewing toys. she can't sit up on her own yet, but can hold up her head on bouncer, Bumbo, and jolly jumper.  she's still a major caterpillar, can do a 360 on the floor when on her tummy and sometimes on her back. she's learned to arch her back to look for me especially while lying down. gets stuck on her tummy still at night in the crib which causes her to get frustrated, wakeup, and cry out. i dropped her to the lowest setting on the crib so there's no metal bashing sound when she's restless. unlike month 3, she's no longer slamming her legs down on the crib. she loves to have both legs erect in front of her when sitting on the bouncer, chubby legs + small feet = super cute

hands: her nails are like claws and she keeps scratching my chest while feeding. i have to keep on top of those talons because they've drawn blood! how are they growing faster than my own nails!? sometime in month 4 i stopped putting the socks on her hands because i wanted her to learn some self soothing techniques as she's not a pacifier fan. also her hand socks were always so wet from her gnawing on them. so far she hasn't scratched up her face, and most likely never will I hope as I don't think her hands are "new" to her anymore. her hands send a mild chill down my spine in a positive way...they're no longer sweaty little newborn hands, but little human hands that are soft, strong, warm, and functioning to grab, hold, and drop toys! girl is growing up fast!

legs: if i stand her up, she wants to try to stand although very wobbly. thighs are to die for baby chubby goodness! she loves the bouncer, but not yet a huge fan of the jolly jumper. maybe it's the toys? sense of security in a hole vs. free dance on a jolly? not sure. yay for recycled toys!

play: loves her 2 rattles, Sophie the Giraffe, a crunchy book, and a random chew toy. she loves being picked up and dancing with Max and I. trying to incorporate the EAT.PLAY.SNACK.SLEEP mode so she isn't relying on the breast to fall asleep during the day and hopefully also at night.

sleep: wakes up fully on average at 745am, awake for 1.5-2 hours and naps at 10am for 30-40 minutes while on carrier. awake for 1.5-2 hours, and sleeps for 2 hours while on carrier. awake for 2 hours and sleeps for 20-40 minutes while on carrier. bedtime routine starts at 630pm, down in crib, lights out at about 7pm on average. wakes up for feed sometimes between 1130-1230am.  sometime during this month, again it crept up on me, the 4th month sleep regression occurred. she was waking 1-2 hours and i was feeding her to soother her back...for another 1-2 hours...and it started to become a huge pain in the ass. so unless it's been minimum 2.5 hours since her last feed, i try to soothe her back to sleep with repositioning rather than a feed. lesson learned here: keep feeding at night, she gets so many calories that she's barely hungry during the day = vicious cycle of reversed sleep pattern! anyhow, after her feed at midnight, when I alert enough to pay attention and keep track of things, she feeds again maybe sometime approx 3-4am, 5ish am. see below on how she sleeps. there's nothing consistent during month four, except how tired I am becoming and how i've missed the sleepy newborn 0-4month stage.

how she sleeps: day time, on the carrier whether at home or out. sometimes if the timing is right, i get to put her on the stroller to have her first nap because the length of time of that first nap doesn't matter so much to me. definitely on the carrier for nap #2 as id like that to last 2 hours. at bedtime, she gets a full feed, and i hold her until limbs are flaccid approx 10 minutes. i put her down on the crib where she, ill flat out say out, gently CIO to sleep for 15-30 minutes. Im not a big fan of CIO, but at that time of day I need a moment to just be done. A part of me is also hoping it's a teaching opportunity on how to soothe herself. once Max and I enter the room for our sleep, often if not always at 10pm, she stirs awake and she sleeps with us for the rest of the night. during this January, she went from night feed --back to crib without much issue overnight, but as January ended, she wanted less of the crib overnight and more of me while sleeping. HOWEVER, she doesn't sleep as soundly with me as she had prior and she's a bed hog. she's wanting to roll in different places/positions and i'm apparently in the way so she cries out, and wakes up. It can get frustrating because Max is beside us and I don't want him to wake up either, so whether I like it or not I end up just nursing her back to sleep. she's a tummy sleeper 8/10 while bedsharing and in her crib. flat on her back every now and then when she just won't settle. she's also sleeping on her right side face to my breast and suckling from 530-730am-ish when I'm JUST TOO TIRED to keep getting up and try to figure out why she's fussy. my and her's BEST sleep is that time i think when i just leave my left breast exposed, a burp cloth to press against my right breast or ill be leaking from the breast and waking up soaked, and she's using me as a pacifier (ha!)...she latches on and off, all while asleep AND content!

as for me: hair is falling out and is everywhere around my house. nothing concerning, but it's annoying. i don't have my period yet... WOOHOOOO!! but i feel the crimson tide looming in the depths of my uterus. I've also established a love affair with cafe Mocha's and even tried a sample of regular coffee (with 3 sugars and milk though = can't be that healthy). i think this new acquaintance of mine, named COFFEE, will soon be a close friend as night restlessness continues. As for my weight, i have 10lbs more to lose then ill be at pre-Max pregnancy weight. I'm not actively going to the gym or anything as i think baby wearing a 15+lb baby all day is good enough exercise!


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