Thursday, January 28, 2016

Photography, take 1

for Christmas, I bought Max his own digital camera from here. He's come so dangerously close to breaking over playing with my SLR at times, that instead of getting upset, i thought it'd be more wise to exploit his curiosity and have him take his own pics! I taught him how to turn it on and off when not in use and to conserve battery, where to press to click and take the picture, where to look, and to always wear it around his neck using his Quatchi lanyard. I can't stress enough that kids should have an anti choke mechanism on their lanyard or any necklace they may be wearing. they rumble, tumble, and get in all sorts of predicaments. 

to date, Max has really gotten the hang of taking pictures- much so that he's even doing 'action shots' which involve him jumping and pressing the shutter at the same time. makes for some interesting pictures, albeit mainly blurry, but super fun for him in the process and no doubt, that's what matters the most! we take his camera on our walks- sometimes he's inspired, sometimes not, but always interested and loves showing off his work.

perhaps one day i don't have to be the resident photographer of the family and can actually be in the picture?! FYI, Max has the Canon Powershot a700, it's absolutely perfect in its simplicity, shape, and size for little 4 year old hands.

Here are some of my favourite works from his SD card:

^^ he was either so excited about jellybeans that he wanted to take a picture of them, or so appalled by the amount he has left that he had to capture his remaining stash ^^

^^ favorite toys of 2015 ^^

^^ best friend ^^

^^ looking down ^^

^^ looking up! seriously, who knew this was here?! ^^

^^ eye level of the Nutrcrackers i promise myself to buy every year, but never do. this was his way of telling me to just look at the picture of them if you can't make up your mind about buying them ^^

^^ sister having a poop ^^ 

^^ of course there's a truck pic! ^^

^^ a mouse house ^^

^^ can you spot PAW PATROL?! I wonder why he took this pic?! hehe ^^

^^ the mood of the city as captured by Max ^^

Well done little boy!! 


  1. Cute baby! I would recommend getting a custom lanyard for your camera, would make it much more fun to use (surprisingly!)

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