Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My sweet Maxwell is 4 years old!

my little love is 4 years old today!

i love how we have deep chats about the Avengers just before we go to sleep. I love how you ask me why X did this, and what would happen if you did that to Spiderman, and you concluding that it was 'not good' if you did that too because you could hurt someone or get hurt yourself.

i love how you literally do a 360 when you sleep in bed. when I'm up feeding sister, you're in a completely different rotation than from where you started. you also giggle and kick me in your sleep, but i don't mind because you're so exothermic that you keep me warm.

i love how you tell me how much you love cold pillows. not to put your head on though because you like it warm, but instead to put your hand under the pillow, the nice cold spot and sleep like that all night if you could.

i love how you're such a beautiful, caring, loving, helpful big brother. you wake up in the morning, climb over me and lie down beside her right away. i love how you introduce your sister to your friends, you're a proud brother beaming 'this is my sister! look at my sister!' in your tone and in your words.

i love how you watch your Marvel superhero movies, and show me the new moves you learned- even at night, as you crash, bang, and shake the walls of the apartment! (thank you neighbours for not getting upset with us)

i love how you love. thank you for being so patient and understanding with me. I am so proud of you and forever thankful for you.


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