Monday, January 4, 2016

Mikkel is 4 Months Old!

in a nutshell? she is such a good baby! 

mikkel's head to toe:

hair: dark brown/black,  eyes: grey with brown ring , weight: TBA Jan 7, diapers: 3 baby dry

head: cradle cap there and I'm resisting the very tempting peel-a-thon while breastfeeding. soft spots are there and no flat spots at the back of her head (probably thanks to baby wearing!). Bald spots though at the back of her head from her turning her head side to side, and there is less hair on her right side/temple area vs. left because as per previous history, her preferred head position is facing the right

cries: crying a lot less on car seat as she's learned that it's safe to let it go and fall asleep. the car seat crying relationship is really all about timing right now, if I can help it ill just gladly take the bus so she can sleep while the rest of the family goes by car (within a reasonable vicinity). just a quiet baby unless she's sleepy or hungry as per before. lots of squeals and yelping during tummy time when she's getting tired and isn't finding it comfortable to hold her head up and subsequently doing face plants. And at night, more on this later...cries because she's stuck on her stomach. Gene has figured out that holding her face forward in a sitting position prevents her from crying during her fussy time (630pm) while Max and I have a shower.

GI: she generally has 1-2 blowouts a day! thank goodness for Baby Oxiclean Spray for saving her clothes, otherwise i'd have a lot of poopy shirts as garbage. exclusively breastfed. longest without a feed is about 5 hours which is always after being put down to sleep at 7pm, with a wakeup sometime between 12-1:30am. Shortest between feeds is about 2 hours, but because they're snack feeds ....sleep ...snack feed. often i wait too long and don't catch the queues that she's hungry (or just TOO BUSY with #1), so she falls asleep while feeding --> not filling up enough --> waking up earlier from sleep because she's hungry. doesn't poop at night...LOVE HER. I'm also finding the BUMBO super useful for her bowels and our general schedule as after a feed, i put her on there, and she poops huge! then i don't have to bring as much stuff on our excursions, she'll sleep and i can have 1:1 time for Max. Lots of drooling but no signs of teeth yet!

GU: we changed to #3 baby dry during the last week of december. Love ordering diapers online and having them delivered to my doorstep! 

^^ thighs are awesome!! ^^

skin/body: CHUNKY thighs, irresistible, squishy! currently she has some contact dermatitis on her abdomen, and neck from where we were blowing raspberries. Baby skin is so sensitive! even lip balm can give her a reaction to those less exposed...yet kissable areas. hot sponge baths continue as part of our night routine. No official baths since she was 3 weeks old. as for her general growth, sometime during month three she transitioned from frog legs (legs tucked in, sitting on ERGO infant insert) while on the carrier to full fledged butterfly legs (still sitting on ERGO infant insert pillow only). shirts: 3-6 months in Old Navy sizing

communication: she loves me! she's got some major radar for me, especially when she's upset her eyes are like daggers (in a good way!). she's good with other people are holding her and even smiles at loved ones and strangers if they make faces at her or talk in baby talk. her laughs are big open mouths for now, only a few times have they been real giggles. the little laughs are building up though! 

muscle strength: Her left hand grip is stronger and more stable than her right hand, I'm pretty sure she's going to be left handed! getting stronger with her tummy time but still has bobble head moments. while sleeping she's able to put herself on her right side for sleep. She's also able to do full 360+ positioning in the crib by doing her caterpillar like movements. she loves to raise her legs and slam it on the crib... SO.NOISY.I.CAN'T.SLEEP.AT.NIGHT!

^^ more often than not, she looks like my husband! ^^

hands: fists in mouth! nails are razor shop and i seem to be cutting them often. I still have her sleeping with socks on her hands so she doesn't tear her face apart, or wake up with a drool rash, or just wake up in general overnight because she wants to gnaw on her hands instead of sleep (y'know what i mean!). While Max has Gene's finger nails and toe nails, Mikkel has my finger nails and toe nails. sometime in the 3rd month, she officially opened her hands. sometimes i catch her hand on me and I swear they're purposeful tender caresses (i.e. her hand on top of mine). there's something about a small hand on top of your hand, catching you off guard from activities of daily living, and you just have to STOP and appreciate this being in front of you. The other day i had my hand on her chest so she wouldn't fall off the couch, and I was multitaskingly feeding Max and watching TV, when I felt her hand on top of mine and she was looking at me. What goes on in her mind I wonder? Smart little one, she's growing up so fast 

legs: like i previously mentioned, she SLAMS her legs on the crib as part of her self soothing technique. I lowered her from the newborn level of her bed to the bottom level because the newborn level is held by metal rods that just kept me up on night with her slamming. 

play: leg exercises. tickles to her forehead and temples. tickles to her neck. blowing raspberries on her belly even though it gives her a rash

^^ sometime in month three, i introduced her to the stroller. so far she likes it and has fallen asleep for about 45 minutes while being actively strolled. my back is thanking me because I use to carry her for hours and hours, plus walk, plus carry a backpack! look how small she is!! ^^

sleep: starts to stir awake at 630am, and I pop the breast while lying down so she can feed. this buys me 30 minutes, and longer if i continue to keep my nipple in her mouth but i like to pop it off so I'm not her soother in the future. i just suck it up at around 730am and wake up by stay in bed and let her roll around, make sit her up and look at Max (maybe she'll get the hint to go back to sleep?!). Max wakes up at 8am approx and we get up. I offer a feed at 9am (usually takes in a snack), she naps at 945am for about 30 minutes. Finish off another snack feed, and sleeping from 1130-1pm. play + feed. sleeping approx 330pm. My goal is to have her sleeping until 430pm (anything past 430pm is gold standard, 5pm would be best!), so i have some sort of regular schedule for estimating when I should be putting her down for night sleep. 630pm is when bath time/bed time routine starts. 710pm down in crib lights out with white noise (fan or exhaust fan in bathroom). wakes up lately at 3am or 430am, then 530am or 6am, and then back to the beginning for another day.

how does she sleep: during the day, ERGO carrier. sometimes when i put her on the stroller, the motion lulls her to sleep even though technically it's an unusual sleep time for her- as long as her belly is full! at night, she sleeps in the playpen/crib by herself from about 7pm till first feed (1230am approx), and lately i've been putting her back in the crib after the first feed. sometimes she wakes up and i hear a cry coming from the bedroom, i let her cry for a little bit- last month (entering month 3) she needed a rescue all the time at 745pm, this month (entering month 4) she cries and puts herself back to sleep. she's had a lot of frustrating moments while cosleeping that her squeals are so loud that I'm afraid it'll wake up Max. by frustrating I mean,  she ends up sleeping on her stomach and while she loves that position since she was a newborn, she also wants a position change but is stuck so she cries out for help. there are times where she can't find a comfortable position so i nurse her down and create a position for her which is on her back pressed against me. at night, while in crib she gets 'stuck' on her stomach even though she has plenty of space to move and she cries out for i pick her up from crib and sleeps with us. i can't wait until she can move and reposition herself independently to suit her comfort! she no longer stirs awake once Max and I enter the room for our sleep. no sleep sac, no pacifier, no swaddle. slamming her legs down and turning to her right side, some caterpillar like movements are her self soothing techniques. 

how do I get her to sleep: during the day, bouncing on the carrier. at night, feed at 645pm ..hopefully until 7pm. Hold her for 10 minutes and then down into the crib. overnight, she sleeps after her previous, they seem to be dream feeds because her eyes are closed. and in her fidgety, too early for me to wake up time, it's feeding while lying down as i try to stretch our wakeup time past 730am.

as for me! sometime in the last couple of weeks my breasts regulated themselves and I'm no longer leaking from one breast while feeding on the other. I didnt lose much weight, but i did step on the scale and need to drop 15-20 pounds to get back on the pre-CHILD baby weight (new year new goal maybe?!?!) but I'm not consumed by it. I don't have my period yet, WOO HOO! my hair this month started to shed like CRAZY, it's everywhere. my mood and energy is pretty good despite the frequent night disturbances. I'm not sleeping as heavy though at night, mainly because I'm not as tired due to the fact I'm not baby wearing and lugging a suitcase all hours of the day (thank you stroller!). 

Hello 4 month old, hello 2016!! 


  1. She has the cutest and funniest expressions! :)

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