Saturday, December 5, 2015

Santa Baby!

we finally have a year where Max isn't scared and bawling his eyes out when near Santa! woot woot! Not sure what exactly I did (if anything) that lead to Max 1) even going near Santa 2) smiling  and 3) Sitting on Santa's lap, but the little guy surprised me with his courage and non-bribed initiative to sit with Santa sans parents. (This was Max last year at CandyTown).

Initiatives that I think helped:
  • learned social skills at preschool
  • going to the mall several times, looking at Santa from far away, and kids getting their pics done (just far enough though to NOT see that the cries we were hearing were coming from kids who were sitting on Santa vs. the usual visible babies where cries are the norm)
  • setting a desired date in your head, and working up to that date with daily reminders, words, and tones of excitement
  • dressing up
  • getting a picture with parents first for comfort, and then just kids

So proud of you Max!

This year, Max introduced himself to St. Nick and told him that he wanted "Hot Wheels!" Mikkel on the other hand, had no tears, and was her regular content self who needed a diaper change right away (thank you for not staining Santa's suit girl!). 

^^ Gene didn't get the memo ha ^^


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