Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!

we're taking it slow around here as we wind up (or wind down?) to Christmas 2015. How is it that we are already celebrating Winter solstice tomorrow, and now the days will be getting longer and brighter? that Christmas is a handful of days away? That my oldest love is almost turning 4 years old? that my littlest love is almost 4 months old and i'm feeling glass half empty with only 8 months of mat leave left? (womp womp) WOW!!  

My days start off waking up sandwiched between my two heaters, aka babies- Max covering my back and Mikkel attached to my abdomen. These exothermic children are saving me money on heating overnight as they're literally attached to me while I/we sleep! Not always comfortable, but pretty cozy and I admit I kinda really love it!  Jingle All The Way is on perpetual play here as Max is obsessed with this movie. I'm sure it's because Turbo Man looks like Iron Man (action figures are his new thing), the kid and his toy interests are relatable, the movie is family friendly and is actually pretty funny thanks to the toy-frenzy relatable factor (but after so many plays it's at the point where I almost know the script, so not That funny). If I didn't take the kids out on a daily basis, or Max having a nap in the middle of the day; this movie would be played 3x/day ...booo! Mikkel on the other hand is her jolly old self, changing right before my eyes and waking up too early for my liking (7am). 

As for me, i'm thanking technology for the presence of online shopping. Anyone with 1 kid, let alone 2, knows that it's nearly impossible to 1) have a quick shopping trip and 2) keep surprises if they're tagging along with you like mine always do and 3) to have a cheap shopping trip during Christmas. So, with the mall just a quick trip away, I have a finite amount of time  to check things out ie. like what people are interested in or quality of an item. I price compare online, read an insane amount of reviews on Amazon, and order with the click of a button. 2 birds with 1 stone; I also love receiving parcels in the mail! The downside of online shopping though is that it's JUST.TOO.EASY to spend money.

I'm so thankful for what's going on right now, things just seem to be in the right place and going so well. What more can one ask for? (ok well, a White Christmas would be nice for once!)

May your holidays be overflowing with love and laughter!! 
From our home to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xoxo


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