Wednesday, December 2, 2015

4th Trimester DONE! Mikkel is 3 Month's Old

Fourth trimester over!

Mikkel continues to be such a good baby! Sometimes i'm just dumbfounded at how easy she can accept change, communicate her needs, accept the inevitable (or what I believe she's trying to tell me and intervene with what I think she wants), and thrive on routine. I must've done something good to be gifted with this dream baby! 

Mikkel head to toe:

hair: dark brown/black, eyes: grey/bluish, weight: maybe 13lbs, diapers: size 2 baby dry

head: cradle cap to scalp, no big deal, and not as extensive as Max's (which required prescription medication!). Scant cradle cap to eyebrows, which really went away on its own sometime between 7-10 weeks. soft spots are still there, no obvious flat spots at back of head. some bald spots at the back of her head from moving side to side while in her bed. her head is definitely slim, and she won't have a round face like Max and I

cries: maybe it's bad timing on our part (hungry/tired), but she still cries when on the car seat. we've had 2 incidences in 3 months where she was calm during a ride. Many times the car seat is just not worth it and i've taken transit so she can just sleep on the carrier, even though it adds 30+ minutes to my trip time. I definitely know what "pain" cry sounds like and the "hungry/tired" cry. In general though, she doesnt cry much and when she does, it's nearing a time where she would be tired or needing a nap. She gives me a brief warning wail when she's not comfortable like wanting a position change or she can't find me but wants me. 

GI: exclusively breastfeeding every 3-4 hours around the clock (usually 12am/3am/630am). At night, she doesn't cry when she's hungry, instead she gets squirmy in bed and moves her head side to side. As we're bed sharing, it wakes me up and I feed her, however she isn't fully awake so it's more like a dream feed. Since about week 5, she's stopped pooping overnight so I don't  change her diaper and she doesn't get too roused to the point of a 2 hour wakeup at a nightmare time of 3am! After dream feed, I put her back down and she goes back to sleep. Lately, we've had about 3 blowouts of poop a day for many days. thank goodness for baby Oxi Clean, which is effective for getting that mustard stain out of clothes. i love her pouts!!

GU: #2 swaddlers during the day, #2 baby dry at night. No issues with voiding

body: chunky, squishy, soft. i love her thighs and forearms. irresistible! sleeps with her arms up when on her back (my fav!)

skin: i'm still just giving her warm sponge baths on the couch at night with a little bum soak at the sink. she likes to splash water and feel the running water on her foot and thighs. her chin currently has a rash from her drooling which i try to keep dry with cornstarch. no further cheesy smells stemming from her neck, or redness on her neck folds..again thanks to cornstarch. some dry spots on her face from a rash, contact with something or other. no dry spots on her body even remotely appearing like eczema. thank goodness. ((( Max at 3 months with his eczema breakout )))

communication: yay she recognizes me! insta-smiles from her, lots of eye contact, coos and mini conversations! her first true giggle/laugh was as she was falling asleep on November 23. she is ok with others holding her and I get compliments on how calm and 'good' she is with others (unlike Max who went berserk with anyone other than me). Unfortunately, she cries near Gene, especially if she can't eyeball me. In general, she is completely and utterly a delightful little girl. 

muscle strength: pretty good with tummy time. she's rolled onto her back a few times but stemming from her preferred side (pushes from left arm). I still think she will be left handed like me! Here's a fun little video of Max and Mikkel ===>

hands: she loves sticking her hands in her mouth, contributing to her drool rash. most of the time, her hands are still clenched in a fist, but they're opening up every now and them to reveal sweaty non-stinky hands. her nails seem to grow lightning fast and I feel like i'm cutting them often. she sleeps with her hands covered in socks or I think she will scratch her face the way she scratches me! I remember Max at this age would stretch out his hand in a "talk to the hand" type of way as he was falling asleep, I don't see this with Mikkel because she's always on the carrier! But even when I'm putting her to sleep at night, she doesn't do that cute little motion aww

legs:  frog legs while on change table! 

play: favourite games are me brushing my bangs across her face. brushing her blanket across her face. me pumping her legs in a bicycle motion, lifting her hips via legs, and rolling her side to side.

sleep (!!!), all times approximate +/- 15 minutes: wakeup 730am. snack feed + poop. first nap at 945am (on the carrier). awake at 1020am. full feed + poop + play + top up feed  if accepting. second nap 11:15am on carrier. wakeup 2pm. full feed + poop + play + snack feed if accepting. sleeping 415pm on carrier. wakeup 5pm. snack feed. cranky at 6pm but need to keep awake until 7pm. 635pm sponge bath. 7pm snack feed part 1, too tired to stay awake to have a full meal. 730pm cries awake snack feed part 2, hopefully the time between feeds equals a full feed. might stir awake briefly, some mild CIO but soothes self quickly. Max and I go in at 945-10pm and she stirs awake and I bring her into bed with us. See GI schedule above! ===> she stirs awake at 630am often which is WAY TOO EARLY for me to function, so i just feed her from the left breast lying down, and mainly letting her fall asleep on the breast, this buys us about an 1hour for a wake up of 730am. 

how does she sleep: During day time naps, she absolutely refuses to sleep anywhere but the carrier. At night, from about 7-10pm, she sleeps in the play pen by herself. Once Max and I come inside the room, she stirs awake and i bring her into bed with us where she falls asleep instantly. no sleep sac, no pacifier, no swaddle.

how do i get her to sleep: during naps, it's a lot of bouncing and dancing, and just general activities of daily living to keep her sedated. at bedtime (7pm), she's falling asleep while nursing. i just hold her for 10-15 minutes, take her every quickly changing self in, and put her to bed. she wakes up 15-30 minutes later, i feed her again, and hold her for another 15-20 minutes, and then back down to her bed. At 10pm, she's in the bed with us, she instantly rolls to her right side and falls asleep. eventually, she wriggles herself to me and she ends up sleeping so close to me that she's attached to me. she sleeps on her tummy.

As for me: I'm always thirsty, and always hungry and despite baby wearing = exercising, I'm not losing much weight because I'm eating crap and grazing! I don't have my period yet (woo hoo!). the "happy hormones" from pregnancy must be dwindling because Gene can get on my nerves quite easily (like before) and it's harder to let the annoyance go. my complexion is ok, but i've attributed the healthy look to the Clarisonic and an awesome foundation. I'm getting good sleep, despite having an infant, thanks to an awesome baby! Im feeling pretty good in general because I love fall fashion and wearing black so I feel like i'm able to take care of myself. I love that Mikkel is sleeping on the carrier because I can carry on with Max and give him mom-time = no mom guilt. he absolutely adores her and their relationship is looking very bright; my mental health is positive and I'm feeling at ease.  

time is going by fast!


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