Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mikkel is 6 weeks old!

October 15th was our very last midwife appointment and i've officially been released from their care! it really just feels like yesterday when I was in labor, and i even joked with Andrea how I distinctly remember crying out for her once my water broke and did not want her to be out of my visual field ha! I love that the midwife that helped with my labor gets to be the midwife on discharge, I hadn't seen her since 1 day post partum. it felt so tender to see them reunite; the person who pulled her into the world and also let her go to the world- good job Andrea and Carolyn!

Mikkel is growing! What's up at 6 weeks? (to compare, this was max at 6 weeks)
  • birth weight= 3495g, now she is 5000g
  • birth length= 53 cm, now she is 56 cm
  • birth head circumference 34.5 cm, now it is 38 cm (ouch!)
  • fussy period starts at 7pm regardless if she is full of food or not, i think she knows it'll be time for bed. an appropriate circadian rhythm started at approximately 4 weeks where after a feed it didnt take long for her to try to go back to sleep instead of play, even if i changed her diaper
  • she sleeps in the bassinet on the initial put down and then 1hour to 4 hours later, she cries for a feed and she sleeps with Max and I
  • super noisy sleeper with lots of flatus, grunting, stuffed up nose
  • restless sleeper. if i place her 6 inches or so away from me, by the time i stir awake she is nudged up against me and always has to have an appendage touching me whether it'd be her hand, face, or leg
  • still prefers lying on her right side, sleeping on her right side. needs encouragement to look the other way, but i don't think she's uncomfortable. mild flat spot on back of head right side
  • hates swaddlers, sleep sacks, and and pacifiers- anything that limits her range of motion. currently sleeping in a sleeper with a onesie under
  • if she's fussy at night, i often offer the breast as a soother but not a full feed and sometimes she's ok. other times, i roll her around side to side (like I'm rolling dough lol) trying to help her find her comfortable position. she's pretty good at self soothing at night without tears, and doesn't need to be held (unlike Max) at night to fall back asleep. (the things you see in the dark)
  • rolling to one side, right arm gets stuck under her and she pushes herself over her right side and lands on her back. 
  • i think she will be left handed
  • eyes are grey blue still
  • hair dark brown to almost black
  • minimal baby pimples and milia
  • minimal cradle cap, most of it on her eyebrows and her hair line 
  • she gets a sponge down every night with a hot cloth. she's only had one exposure to shampoo (at 3 weeks) and zero exposure to soap (i don't want to make the same mistake as we did with Max). 2-3x a day i wash her perineum and bum with hot water and give her tummy and naked bum time, no diaper rash! she also gets cornstarch to her neck (which works amazing) as her neck rolls keep that area so moist and cheesy smelling, i definitely don't want a candida colony
  • falls asleep for hours on the Ergo, she absolutely loves loves loves being on the ergo

  • naps are usually after first feed of the day for 3-4 hours depending on how active I am, and then  during or after dinner until 7pm. short lunch nap if i don't put her on the carrier and try to get her to sleep on her own
  • bedtime routine: sponge down, sleeper, and hold her for 45-50 minutes repositioning multiple times till her eyes get heavy and she falls asleep. no soother, no rocking, just staring and her and soaking her in (she is such a good baby!)
  • not a good car seat sleeper, but currently has only spent a scant amount of time in a car seat. she needs to have a good cry first before she realizes she's there to stay
  • more alert and tolerates the bouncer when i need to do stuff with Max but only for less than 15 minutes before she gets upset
  • breastfeeding well, latch isn't as aggressive as Max who was always hungry. I remember feeding him a lot and often, she's good with 3-4 hours in between
  • so far looks like straight hair. i think she looks like me as a newborn. she definitely has my toes and nails
  • she's a terrible traveller! can't be lulled to sleep by driving and a car seat for long periods. cry cry cry! 
  • she's ok with Gene holding her (unlike Max at this age). if she's fed and full, she's not grumpy going to others to be held
as for me...
  • post partum bleeding stopped at just a little over 5 weeks
  • breasts are dripping milk when one side is being used
  • breastfeeding is easy and feeling natural (thank you for this gift)
  • linea nigra still there
  • I'm down to the weight i was when i got pregnant with Mikkel, but far from pre-Max weight
  • I'm always so hungry. costco polish sausages honestly never tasted SO GOOD as they do now. i can guiltlessly eat them now too unlike when i was pregnant and worried about whatever is in a hot dog
  • getting fair sleep, enough to function. if i did have a crappy night i check in with myself that i need to watch my patience with Max. the check ins do a world of wonder
  • i want soda all the time. i love Coke Zero right now and Diet Pepsi yum- need to resist daily
  • I'm finding myself less annoyed with Gene than when Max was this age, the guy has been pretty helpful! 
  • I'm finding myself strongly bonded with Mikkel, a lot more than when Max was this age (however, don't get me wrong, Max and I are t.i.g.h.t big time now). This was especially apparent during the first 4 weeks of their lives, where I thought Max was more of a novelty or toy (i know i know!) and I didnt know what to make of this new responsibility. With Mikkel though, the feelings and the tasks are so much more seamless. i don't even get frustrated by her cries or when she's inconsolable (when in car seat). maybe it's because I 'know' what to do? because she's a girl? because she's so darned cute? because I'm getting sleep? Im sure I read it somewhere online, albeit haphazardly, but Mikkel was put on my chest skin to skin from the moment she came out and left with me for a pretty long time (approx greater than 30 minutes).  with Max, he was also put on my chest right away, but also taken away sooner than later for assessments, weighing, measuring etc. This insta-skin to skin with her cemented some sorta connection between us that I just can't pinpoint, because it was so fast- hormones? Anyhow, love this girl and we're totally attached at the nipple! 
^^ i don't have many clothes from Max left after my sister used them with her son. Those that did survive, and I happen to remember that I had a photo of Max in the outfit,
 I get Mikkel to wear and show sibling comparison pics. 
Tell me i'm not the only one who does this? ha! (fyi Mikkel on left, Max on right) ^^


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