Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Max is currently out trick or treating with Gene since Vancouver caught a break in the forecasted heavy rain weather, woot woot! Hope this kid loads up in our usual jackpot neighbourhood! 

^^ His indoor "costume" this year was a set of pyjamas from Old Navy. Perfect for a play based preschool environment, and especially because he's such a sweaty little boy. 
The bones glow in the dark! ^^

^^ you may remember this costume from last year. 2 thumbs up for it still fitting! Best swap find ever, especially as it's heavy and warm. He's currently wearing his skeleton costume under this costume, which as a nurse, makes me kinda proud- when he unzips his lion costume it's like an autopsy lol ^^

^^ this girl and I are currently at home because it's cold out. She doesn't have a costume but this picture taken a few hours ago reminds me of Dr. Evil so close enough (lol). At this moment, she's on the carrier, and I'm dancing around as I type this blog post so she stays asleep. I want to start her bedtime at the new Daylight Savings Time adjusted schedule. Wish us luck! ^^

As for me, I'm watching Ghost. No scary movies for me as i'm a chicken and easily scared, Patrick Swayze for the win!

Stay safe all! 


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