Sunday, September 20, 2015

Second Time Mama Baby Essentials!

One of the most overwhelming tasks about parenting is figuring out what you want vs. what you actually need (y'know, as with everything else in life!). There are so many guides out there, and each household will essentially be different depending on how you spend your day to day and it especially will be based on the needs and budget of your family. For my first baby, these items were essential to me. For my second baby, I overall have less time to contemplate on stuff and more focused on the pragmatic aspect of parenting that worked for me with #1. My current must have's are pictured above!

I'm now carrying items for two children (!!) and have turned to this bag as my new diaper bag. I like using the backpack to keep me hands free, especially with a rambunctious potty training toddler. This bag seems to be a bottomless pit of a carrier that carries all our current needs like extra clothes, snacks, water bottle, pacifiers, as well as new born stuff like umpteen diapers, wipes, and clothes. it's water resistant and most importantly, fits in the basket of our umbrella stroller.

I used these with Max and 4 years later, I'm using them with Mikkel. Much cheaper than another famous brand, but essentially the same. Huge (48x48), lasts in the laundry, works as a swaddler, burp cloth, nursing cover, blanket for winter and summer. Love these!

I borrowed this from my sister and loving it! It is currently sitting on a bedside table on my side of the room. I like that it's near see through because of the mesh, it's lightweight and portable, and the mattress comes out because some time during the night the little one eventually sleeps beside me. Even though i have my worries re: co-sleeping, i feel safer with her sleeping on the firm pad that's just out of the ordinary enough that i don't get too comfortable. so far so good! 

I don't remember leaking this much or even at all with Max, but these are necessary for anyone who's milk has come in at a fierce rate. If I weren't wearing these, just the smallest amount of pressure on one breast has me drenched! Heck, even brushing up on the nipple of a breast activates my let down and I'm just a sticky mess. 

Max, baby, and I sleep with a night light on for my anxiety. Max doesn't seem to mind, I can see the baby, and I don't have to wake up the entire room to do any feeding. I'm usually sensitive to lights, especially the glow of digital clocks, but a night light tucked away at a far away corner has proven to be pragmatic and helpful.

6) Lanolin

21 days in, and i'm still using this product. No cracks or bleeding even during my initial week of getting my nipples used to breastfeeding again. After combing my hair, it's the next thing I grab after a shower...dry nipples and breastfeeding? no thanks! must must must have for anyone with a newborn.

I bought this when Max was a baby and it still serves us to this day almost 4 years later! Definitely necessary with a newborn for the random diaper changes that need to happen whether it'd be in a public change station, someone's home, and heck even the grass at the local park. I don't like the wipes case that comes with it, but it can be easily replaced with the packaged Kirkland wipes from Costco. With Max, he isn't potty trained with poops yet, so when he asks for a diaper and subsequent change, this item also allows me to care for him.  When I feel like carrying the bare minimum, this carries diapers and wipes for both kids, a hand sanitizer, and my nursing cover. awesome in my book!

Love this bralette because it doesn't have a cup size, it just fits at my largest and eventually at my smallest. The price is right. The Lansinoh breast pads fit easily in the space and it's seamless.

Love this nursing cover over others because of the boning that allows me to see the baby while I nurse. It folds easily to fit in my Changing Station, its lasted throughout Max's breastfeeding course, and now through Mikkel's journey. I've used it at weddings and public spaces where I want to maintain my own comfort while feeding...genius product!

I hope this list makes your shopping list a little less overwhelming!
Happy shopping especially during this cold dreary day!


  1. The second time around is so nice for knowing what works and what doesn't. I loved that it really helped streamline the shopping and I didn't give in to crap just because of marketing.

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