Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our First Post Partum Week!

September 1st

  • my initial post partum hours (!) was marked by a lot of bleeding. I was given 2 IM oxytocin shots and was dripping and gushing blood. Given 1L of NS with Oxytocin and an in/out catheter...same mess. Besides the sting of a catheter insertion, the 2nd worst part was the pressure applied to your abdomen in a massage like fashion to help the uterus contract. totally hated that, but was necessary to assess bogginess of uterus/bladder relationship. Although my vitals were stable, the midwife called an OB who then did a manual evacuation of about 600cc of clots from me (which honestly was painless and felt pretty good to get out of me), a shot of Ergot, and another 1L of NS with Oxytocin. I also got a new best friend- an indwelling catheter which was super uncomfortable to get in, but loved it and requested it to stay the night for extra comfort. We got food and feasted with my family, Mikkel co slept with me all night and fed like a champ, and I didnt have to get up once (thank you foley!). 
^^ Kuya Max! (big brother's whether related or not, are called Kuya in tagalog ^^

September 2nd
  • so hungry, and the hospital food was so good (seriously!). Midwife came to visit and she said that the baby was coming out so fast that she had to ease the delivery to protect my tissues. yikes! Sadly, my foley had to come out too and thankfully I had no voiding issues afterwards. Even though i basically stayed in bed for 24 hours (minus 5 minutes for a quick shower), being at the hospital makes you feel so oily and disgusting, i wanted to go home.  It was a no issue discharge and my family came to visit us at home. Felt so good to be back in my own surroundings! Since Max missed me ten-fold in the last 24 hours, he requested that we sleep together for the night. So Max on double bed with me, baby on floor in bassinet. Shitty sleep night because it was so crowded in the room and I was anxious that Max would have a crappy sleep from the noise and be a total grumpy toddler in the am. Luckily, he's slept pretty deep and he was a happy loving big bro by wake up time. I think our feeding schedule was about every 2 hours at this time. Eventually I co-slept with her and there were 3 of us sleeping on a half twin-half double bed, crowded but I managed to sleep and not wake up grumpy either. My pain was also 0 despite of it all. 
^^ discharged! ^^

September 3rd
  • midwife Andrea came to visit to give as a req for a serum bilirubin. I had the option of staying another night at the hospital, but HELL no was that going to happen. We spent a good part of the day back at the hospital lab waiting room- they recommend just going to the hospital as outpatient sites courier the bloodwork and could lead to false results. Highlight of the day was the sandwiches and soup at Beyond Cafe next-door to the hospital, delicious! Today also marks the day Max, baby, and I moved in to the master bedroom with the king sized bed. Gene moved into Max's room willingly because he needs sleep or he'll be a pain in the ass for all if he doesn't (too true). The three of us on the king was the best idea ever- we had an amazing night. Max slept thoroughly, I had lots of space, I had washroom access, and there was room for Mikkel to co sleep comfortably with us on the bed without me being scared of her falling off of the bed. we had every 2 hour feed wake ups with matching poops. My bleeding was comparable to a day 5 period. the sleep i was getting was enough, and I had no pain.
September 4
  • my milk came in overnight, need I say more? 
^^ accurate!! ^^

September 5
  • midwife came in today and gave us another bilirubin req for the baby. her levels weren't high enough for the bili lights but still needed follow up. Funny enough on this day, there were 6 other september 1st newborn babies at the lab at the same time! the change in weather as a contributing factor perhaps? it was hilarious to hear 3 babies crying at the same time and mamma's leaking or tingling at the same time ha! highlight of the day was that we got to order some Kadoya and eat it at'll be about another year until i can go back. so, so, so good...! my midwife texted me later on to tell us that her numbers were dropping and no further bloodwork was needed, yay! 
^^ can you guess which one is Max and which is Mikkel? taken approximately same age! ^^

September 6
  • the initial latch of each feed are so sharp and painful, and goes away as the suckling starts. am i doing something wrong or is this something my nipples need to get used to again? ouch! our schedules are feed then poop/pee, sleep for 2 hours, feed and poop/pee throughout the day. was it like this with Max? for some reason I'm finding his care more difficult back then compared to this little one
September 7
  • current schedule is feed one breast approx 15 mins, tummy time, feed other breast, explosive mustard coloured poop, pee, then sleep for 2 hours. my breasts engorgement are the 2nd worst part of this time next to the sting felt on each of her latches. she's also choking a lot from my right breast, my let down must be pretty strong...i think this was the same experience with Max.  she really despises the pacifier, she gives a genuine look of disgust whenever i attempt to put it in her mouth...unlike Max who just LOVES it and should have had one since day 1! little girl is so milk drunk after each feed that she just falls asleep within 15 minutes. 
September 8
  • my little girl is 1 week old today! yay! i had a lot of mom guilt with the mom-Max-baby relationship changes prior to her birth but I'm happy to say that Max has been such a loving, caring, and non-jealous brother. He genuinely is excited about her, cares for her, and just wakes up wanting to kiss her and hug her. phew! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship <3! my husband is away working for a few days thus the kids (!!) and I are home alone. I took us all on our first long walk with Max on foot and Mikkel on the carrier...she likes the Ergo thank goodness, my body however did not like the added strain and my bleeding not only increased, so did my general muscular aches. work in progress.
September 9
  • breasts are softer, and she's now 3700g (just over 8 lbs!). Super breastmilk!
This is the new normal xoxo


  1. Although my partner and i fundamentally stayed at during intercourse all day and night (less 5 moments to get a speedy bathtub), staying at a medical facility allows you to sense thus slimy and also nauseating, i desired to look residence. It absolutely was any simply no problem launch and also my children stumbled on visit us in the home. Sensed so excellent being back my own, personal area! Given that Utmost overlooked myself ten-fold within the last few a day, this individual required that individuals slumber with each other for your night time.

  2. We additionally obtained a brand new greatest friend- a good indwelling catheter that was extremely unpleasant to obtain within, however cherished this as well as asked for this to remain the night time with regard to additional comfort and ease.


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