Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'm 33! Happy Birthday to ME!

my day started out just as planned, sleeping in until 930am with no major plans for the day. the weather was awesome (cool, rainy, TORNADO LIKE WINDS), and Max woke up in a good mood jumping around giving me kisses and telling me happy birthday (to which I also reminded him that it was his beloved Michael Jackson's birthday too!), +1 mamma points there! Most importantly, I was not in any form of labor and this baby has allowed me to have a day that is mine. It was my 'goal' to keep this baby in until after my birthday, and now the universe has aligned and I can finally relax and hopefully give birth some time soon.

Max and I made THESE COOKIES yesterday. I would say they were just a little too sweet. my personal preference would be to drop the sugar to 3/4cup for both white and brown. However, when it comes to toddler abilities to make this recipe with a responsible adult, easy peasy! I let him touch and taste a bunch of ingredients and once it was all said and done, he was so proud of himself for his gift! love these moments while I have a one and only. On a side note, i was blessed enough not to lose power in my neighbourhood from the 2015 #BCStorm (see some pics of the storm's aftermath HERE). My family though, living 10 minutes away did and are expected to regain power by 8pm tonight. No internet, no hot showers, no cooking; blessing in disguise (?) vs. apocalyptic. Gene has taken Max to FREE (!) PNE and i've got the whole house to myself. I feel the urge to do chores or go out and take the time for myself, but alas i've come to terms with resting in peace, blogging, online shopping, and food in a slow cooker so I don't have to deal with anything that requires close monitoring. 

I spent the rest of yesterday taking pics with Max, as above! He then ran around naked all day impressing me with his urine-only potty trained self (including putting the lid up, aiming, shaking it off, and sometimes flushing). I'm not sure how much nudity is appropriate or too much? but Max, if possible, would run around naked all day around the house without complaints. My family and I ate at Las Margaritas on 4th for dinner. That restaurant is our Mexico, away from Mexico - which really makes no sense because Mexican resorts don't really serve that tex-mex type of food more than once a week (lots of theme nights). The food is never disappointing at Las Margaritas, can't wait to go back. 

Cake, cookies, tea, gifts...that's all she wrote.
I'm 33 years old! 

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38 Week update
  • becoming increasingly hypersensitive to my symptoms. is this a BH contraction or a real contraction? is this twinge in my uterine area a sign of labor or just a twinge? is this wetness I feel mild bladder leakage or sweat or my water breaking and trickling down my leg? Is that my mucous plug? is that blood? y'know...normal thoughts lol
  • it's taking me about 2 hours to get back to sleep every night, when i wake up around 130am chronically to go use the washroom. How is this going to work when the baby comes anyways? oh i know, NO SLEEP. i'm contemplating on becoming a coffee drinker as a new lifestyle, I don't have any idea idea where to start with this as my husband only drink instant coffee
  • some of my pre-37th week clothes are no longer fitting. Some clothes already have holes and need to get rid of them. And of course, there are clothes I just can't wait to get rid of
  • i bought a play yard to use as a crib because I'm not even sure if this kid will waste crib-money like Max did (and want to co sleep). Also, id like to child to eventually sleep in the same bed and room as Max by the time I go back to work so I don't know what I would use a crib for on a long term basis anyways (watch my luck though, I probably will have an out of the ordinary child that wants to sleep by themselves!)
  • speaking of the 2 kids sleeping together, my cat is so annoying And really him waking one or the other up if they aren't in the same room is enough for me to blow a gasket. so keeping both kids contained in one room is i think a good idea. I also hate it when he sleeps on their sleeping furniture and I'm currently using a cosleeper bed and a bassinet as toy storage so he doesn't make himself comfortable in the freshly washed baby-ready furniture. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the giant playpen. my cat drives me nuts
  • my hospital bag is packed and ready to be put in the car!
  • we got this for Max's big brother gift from his sister. he's obsessed with these Monster Jam cars and i've had to put up with a lot of tantrums in public spaces (like tantrums that can last a whole f*cking HOUR) because I WONT buy them for him unless it was his birthday/Christmas- y'know standard fare rules and regulations that this guy needs to understand (!!). But having a new sister and something to ease the change like this is ok with me

  • Max's overnight bag for my parents' house is packed- of course for their sanity (because he's never slept over night anywhere without us), his iPad and charger are a must. I have a sticky notes in multiple places to remind me to pack it on D-day. If this L&D is anything like last time, the higher level of thinking must still be done by me...the person in labor with a human coming out of their crevice...instead of husband who just cannot
  • tried on some non-birkenstock shoes for a wedding this September and NO SHOES FIT in my regular 7-7.5. do I need to buy new shoes now or what? normally id be cheering for a shopping opportunity, but today I'm just dreading this. After speaking with some other mom's I think there is more of a likelihood that my shoe size will no longer by a 7 and I may have to lose some of my beloved shoes altogether (cue in tears for my Frye's)
  • started talking to Max about not being able to sleep with him at night once the baby comes. I'm pretty stressed out about because I have such a good sleep (well despite my current insomnia) when I'm with him, and y'know it's a special time between us as we tell stories, laugh, and cuddle at night. just a reality change we have to adapt to. mommy guilt right there
  • stocking up on fall friendly nursing shirts. I'm really loving the button up style shirts with my new nursing bra(s)! can't wait to wear them

  • "healthy baby healthy mom" according to my midwife! my Stretch and sweep is scheduled for September 1st at 0900am! which means i could have the baby that very day/night!!


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