Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Heart...

10 things that have made me really happy lately....

  1. my life saviour for Summer 2015 are my Birkenstocks AND Body Glide
  2. the outdoor pool of my strata. it's free, I'm not tempted to eat junk food from the food stand, i don't need to deal with parking, and it's a hop, skip, jump away
  3. Anyone else whip out The Sound of Music when it's raining out!? My children need to be exposed to this movie, even if it's just in the background! 
  1. the ability to 'will' the baby to move when I feel unsure and panicked about lack of movement...or rather my lack of paying attention to movement
  2. Max and his easily satisfied addiction to picking and eating blackberries along the railroad tracks and our secret spots in the neighbourhood
  3. I'm on a 16 day vacation break from work!! then back for approximately 9 more shifts, and then off for a year!!  
  4. prepping for Max's first day of preschool this september!! Who doesn't love back to school shopping? seriously, the smell of a new box of crayons is so tantalizing. For school, I bought him a (hopefully) forever backpack from the Fjallraven Kanken line and some Mabel's Label's for his belongings
  5. I'm sleeping better. It appears that I need a fan blasting in my face, and my feet (yes 2 different fan sources) to sleep comfortably during this pregnancy
  6. Wendy's chocolate frosty, YES! 
  7. my due date is approaching!! I'm going to try to keep this baby in until September for logistical reasons related to going back to work in 2016. I want a September baby!! 
  8. Max is spooning me (but really choking me with his short arms) at night! sweet, but because he's so exothermic, it's actually uncomfortable comfortable 
  9. the large amount of girl clothes I got from my friend- I feel kinda bad that I didnt dress up Max as nicely- but really, boy's stuff just isnt as cute!
  10. Nesting! painting the washroom's, the den, i've canned about 2 dozen jars of cherries, i've donate huge loads of stuff I dont need, i've shredded paperwork from HIGH SCHOOL and onwards, and i've thrown out about 4-5 bags of garbage. like a breath of fresh air I tell you! 
what's made you happy lately? 


What is on your mind?


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