Friday, August 7, 2015

Countdown! Weeks 32, 33, 34

  • this baby really prefers my right side. there is often a bum? a shoulder? a knee? a head? sticking out of my side. and WOW the movements are intense, almost painful and I'm trying not to picture my organs shifting. hopefully these movements don't lead to any health related problems for me
  • at work, I need a raised toilet seat. I can't get up comfortably from these standard thrones
  • i got some sort of food poisoning or stomach bug on July 13. the amount of 'stuff' that came out of me was unreal and continuous
  • the happy hormones might be malfunctioning at this time, because my husband has been the source of my negative mood for a few days now
  • are Max and the baby going to share rooms?
  • bunk beds? same bed? trundle beds? 
  • midwife appt has the baby showing as reactively healthy. my BP is 108 systolic, when she was palpating my belly, baby's heart rate went up to 170 and down to 140 when relaxed. she also has me thinking about what to do with Max when i'm in labor (hopefully fast). at this point i'm planning to just make it to the hospital, and I'm prepared to labor and deliver by myself with husband taking Max out for a walk or something. However, Gene wants to cut the cord and i want someone taking bedside pictures like before, so I haven't fully figured out the logistics of that plan yet. I suppose I can drop off Max to my parents? but that all depends on time of day and of course, Max will be super worried about me and Gene that it could be a night of heck for my parents (if it were to happen in the middle of the night) and I don't want Max to be worried- the midwife mentioned that the little ones are more worried about us than we are of ourselves, so true
  • the midwife showed me how to palpate for the babies head in my pelvis....WEIRD feeling the outline of baby's head!!!
  • my thighs and some parts of my legs have increased cellulite, WHY??!! With the amount of walking I do, uncool
  • my Braxton hick's contractions are more different with this little one than with Max. I feel increased pressure between my temples that radiates to my brain. sometimes the contractions also go south and I feel like I need to have a bowel movement as well
^^ 34 weeks! ^^

  • at 34 weeks, the baby movements are so much more intense.enough to shake my body sometimes when im sitting still. i read it's due to decreased amniotic fluid in relation to the but uncomfortable at times. I know what it feels like to be "kicked" in the ribs, right greater than left
  • heat wave is back and Max is not spooning me, which really means his arm is resting around my neck most of the time while he sleeps. since his arm, is so short, it actually feels like someone is choking me lol
  • i seem to be waking up around the 0130-0400 time range lately to void, I wonder if this is a sign of when labor may start for round 2??!!
  • once I do get up to void, baby also wakes up and it takes me an exasperating 1-1.5hours to get back to sleep!
  • Occ. Health is hounding me at work re: sick hours, i've put in place some midwife approved limitations on my work ...i mean it's NOT worth it (ego vs. pre-term labor), im not sure im going to last the remaining shifts I have left. walking to the skytrain from work is already uncomfortable as it is. 1) pelvic floor discomfort because of the bouncing as I walk, 2) shortness of breath, 3) general lack of speed- which stresses me out because i dont want to miss my transfers
  • it's hot again, and my pool is THE PLACE TO BE!
^^ not much of a line nigra. lots of stretch marks (old ones though) ^^


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