Monday, August 24, 2015

Countdown! 35, 36, and 37th week!! We MADE IT!

  • my bloodwork has been great! iron is good, despite me feeling super tired all the time
  • I need to go to the washroom all the time, and I need a raised toilet seat at home. my arms are getting a workout from helping hoist my heavy body up from the toilet
  • I've gained about 17-19 pounds so far
  • my new shoe size is 8.5-9! i was trying on shoes and my usual size 7 don't fit, even with slip ons! i think I'm just getting way too comfortable with my birkenstocks too...may even be time to resole them so they last into a hopefully Indian Summer. Birks in the rain are terrible
  • 35 week midwife appt went well, she did have a hard time discerning where the head was as I had two hard sites 1) pelvis and 2) upper central abdomen. it also didn't help that I FELL DOWN hard on the ground! just to be on the safe side, I got a 35 week ultrasound and it's conformed that baby IS head down, but currently sunny side up...which I don't really want and now am determined to do a lot of cat poses to rectify this
  • new stretch marks in my upper abdominal area, I've been terrible with the coconut oil, so now going to start back on it again
  • lots of movement, big big slithering organs churning movements
  • so easily physically tired
  • easily short of breath, need to do some pursed lip breathing on activity ...i barely am able to last 5 hours as it is! 
  • Max is napping on his own, yay! I just need to tell him that I have to do some 'cleaning' and that he can sleep with all the monster trucks he wants and 2's been awesome! i can get stuff done, the kid gets sleep, and I can focus on the baby in due time
  • short of breath as I have a conversation with people
  • hardest part of waking up is the shift of weight from lying on my left side, to sitting up, then standing up. thanks gravity! 
  • some Braxton Hicks are more frequent, sometimes feels like my upper back is opening up from the vertebrae, a 'blooming' like feeling. Other times I feel it down my left side, inguinal area which was kind of scary the first time in happened. I wonder if baby is dropping?!?!
  • 4 more shifts left of work!!!
  • group B streptococcus NEGATIVE!
  • whoa, silver dollars! ( o ) ( o ) if you know what I mean
  • my legs seem puffy, and thick ...but not pitting edema
  • my abdomen is randomly itchy....which means....stretch marks!! yay....not.
  • 37 weeks!!!! 
  • at 37 weeks, anyone and everyone says I'm huge. the most polite version was "wow, you've really Sprouted!"
  • i have trouble lifting my leg so that my ankle sits on my thigh...not sure what the position is called. it's cross-legged but not. hard to put on non-slip on shoes too
  • i got some eyelash extensions put it, and sitting supine on that table for 90 minutes was torture
  • bought a nursing bralette from Thyme per my sister's recommendation. I didn't buy one with the first and worse a shitty camisole from costco with built bra for #1, so I'm excited to use this bra! 
  • my frequent swimming escapades and use of q-tips has plugged up my left ear, and every time i burp or yawn, there's pressure pain
  • slight hint of green in banana's cause me heartburn
  • I'm really loving Little Cesar's CRAZY BREAD!! drool drool drool
  • work has been SO BUSY. i love my coworkers though for looking out for me, adjusting my assignment, and even advising me to not come to work because it's just THAT busy
  • some of my braxton hick's include some major nerve discomfort shooting down from my groin to left mid thigh, is this normal?!?!
  • my fingers are swollen, my feet are swollen
  • I've been having really crappy sleeps at night! maybe I'm not tired enough? once i wake up to void, it's about 1.5hours to get back to sleep. lately I've been waking up sometime between 12am-130am not needing to void, but some random atypical anxiety related to hypersensitivity to labour symptoms. i want to be aware of labor symptoms so I'm ready, but also anxious because I'm not ready for this baby mentally until after august 31st
  • short.of.breath with any activity
  • i think i'm waddling now
  • my joints are stiffer and my left hip is really bothering me at night night. my alternative positions are so limited!
  • my friend's sister is was due sept 6 and went into natural labor on Aug 23rd = anxiety
  • I've officially set up the co-sleeping bassinet for the bedroom and living room for this baby
  • ive also packed my hospital bag
  • im savouring every moment i can co-sleep with Max at night
  • speaking of Max, he's decided to be potty trained for urine and has had no accidents! however, he doesn't want to give up the diaper because he wants to poop in it still and absolutely refuses to poop in the potty or big toilet
  • so far I've only gained 23-25lbs! big difference from Max where I gained about 40lbs!
  • my maternity button up shirts are starting to not fit and buttons are popping open 
  • currently upping the ante on my fibre intake because 1) prenatals are terrible on the bowels and 2) who really wants to strain for a movement after giving birth?? I don't even want to think about it! 
^^ 7 to 37 weeks!! ^^

^^ front view! ^^

And just for fun, here are my poor quality belly pics from my pregnancy with Max! click here


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