Monday, July 20, 2015

Maxwell 3.5!

Where is the time going?
How am I already nearing the birth of #2 and forever changing the life of my first love?

Max 101:

Height- 38.5" approx
Hand- a righty
Fav color- blue

Clothes: shirts 3T (4T is still baggy), bottoms 3T on average
Shoe size: 11
Diapers: pampers baby dry #6

Sleep: nap time 3-5pm usually (but sometimes 2:30-430pm) 6 days a week. Longest times are usually on stroller. As for night sleep, lights off at 930pm (and i'm out like a light). I think he falls asleep around 10:20pm and wake up time usually between 8:30-9am. he always wakes up happy. still a co- sleeper! however at my parents house, he requests to sleep alone in his own room, does so for a couple of hours, and then awake fresh...why so different at home!? bah

Soothers: definitely needs it as his crutch to get to sleep, but not necessarily to stay asleep. It falls out of his mouth at night, and if he wakes, I can hear and feel him look for it...then back to sleep once it's in his mouth. Then it falls out again. Definitely in his mouth while napping in the stroller. While at home, he looks for it and he either has it on and off while watching TV or playing on the iPad...or has lost it somewhere around the house (many many times) and I have to look for it (annoying). Whenever we're out though, no soothers (which he still calls "babies") until sleeping time. Article about pacifiers at this age HERE

Potty training: he's pooped in the potty x 1. he's voided in the potty and the big toilet multiple times, he's voided in bushes, at the beach, rocks etc ...he just doesn't want to do it consistently.

Favorite TV shows: Toopy and Binoo on Treehouse, Blaze and the Monster Machines via YouTube, as well as Paw Patrol via Youtube. He is not allowed to watch youtube videos while i'm off work. i'm pretty irked that my husband uses it as a baby sitter to get some downtown in the evening. but WHATEVER, look the other way....

Favorite apps: Toca Band (very cute, i like the little characters and sounds they make. you can create your own band and 'play' the individual instrument), and Monster Jam.

Favorite activities: throwing rocks at the ocean at New Brighton, biking, digging deep holes in the sand, picking fruit off of the local/public gardens, wandering around empty land and throwing rocks and climbing up hills, playgrounds and pools (it is summer after all!), watching his shows on youtube which consists of Paw Patrol, Blaze and Monster Machines, kids song videos, and various videos of people opening up Kinder Eggs and people playing with toys (weird)

Favorite foods: "rocket popsicles" which are torpedo shaped popsicles in red/white/blue, green apples, red apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges, hot dogs, curry pho, lipton chicken noodle soup, strawberry kefir, various cereals mixed together, gummy candies, toast with butter, bacon, plain pancakes, any type of fries. He however eats whatever we eat for dinner with no problem. If I want him to eat MORE, then I feed him...which is basically 90% of the time

Favorite toys: whatever is in the house. we downsized a lot and he never noticed. we got some Lego pieces which is kinda fun, but the novelty is wearing off fast because it's messy. Monster trucks, play dough on/off, construction vehicles are still popular

Favorite books:  whatever he grabs from the shelf, which could really be anything or the same thing every night. I have to admit that books aren't a big part of our day until bed time

on his sister:  Max has been aware to be gentle with me and only is serious about getting picked up when he's officially of the rails and is having a meltdown- then and there he needs lots of TLC, hugs hugs hugs and comforting and i've been able to get away with him straddled and just holding me. We have one big brother book, and we read it every now and then. Funny enough some of the scenarios and toys in the book are similar to what exists in his own world so he easily relates. My coworker advised me that it's really helpful for him to have be a participant in the care of the new baby, and be assigned a 'job.' What he's actually going to do I don't know, and believe me, I'm very flexible about it...but i think starting off with getting a me a diaper for his sister is easy enough. He uses her name freely, and is reminded of it often. He speaks gently about her, and how he is open to possibly shorting some toys and teaching her how to play with them (however, his iPad is currently out of the question lol). my biggest concern is our sleeping arrangement, so i'm trying to savour what he and I have now, and remind him how unavailable I most likely will be for the first while when she arrives. that I can't sleep with him, but daddy will, and his sister won't be sad. Of course, he replies with, "but mamma i'll be sad because I want to sleep with you (torture me, why don't you!? awwww. clearly a work in progress). We remind him that he's going to be the big brother and that he has a role in protecting his sister, and of course, last but not least...she really loves him and can't wait to meet him! I have way more research to do.

on tantrums: i would say he's at the more sensitive time of his life since he was a baby. so many stupid reasons why he would escalate to full blown end of the world tears lately (ie. he wants an apple whole not cut, he's too hot to sleep at night, he wants to be picked up by me but not hugged at the same sometimes i can just catch myself and what I'm saying that would put him over the edge, other times when I'm exasperated and put my foot in my mouth, I literally see the situation spiral down...down...down...and I'm in for about 30 minutes of invested time consoling him. the biggest lesson I've learned during those moments are to not bother talking to him because I won't get anywhere, just be there and hug and cuddle and wait. When he's ready and settled (again about 30 minutes!), then he's able to tell him what led to his meltdown, we talk about, and i get to remind him to use his words rather than random pointing, screeching, escalating, temper tantrum behaviour. All is well afterwards...phew!

  • Max makes me laugh all the time, his actions and words are just so funny. Mamma, I'm going to go mountain biking when i'm older, when I have hair on my bum (lol!!!)
  • he is a happy boy 95% of the time
  • he's got excellent physical skills and very agile, his athletic abilities come from my husband
  • I love that he knows the words to his emotions (so many words, always a work in progress of course)
  • he reacts to my "look" of disapproval, which I give when he's doing something I don't agree with. When he sees my "look" he knows it's not right. Then he asks, "is mommy happy?" 
  • when he cries, he looks for me and reaches out for a hug and hold. he keeps saying "mamma hug, mamma hug" repeatedly until he feels better, and then he asks himself "why is Max crying?" and at this time he is so much more reasonable and easier to talk to and teach right from wrong...this pertains to anything he does
  • he can be shy in social situations for the first 30mins-1 hour then he relaxes and is very personable
  • i always get compliments on his behaviour at adult parties and get togethers 
  • he randomly says, "mommy I love you." even if we're just doing nothing...on a bus...waiting for our stop to come along. this boy really really loves me
  • if he knows he did something wrong, he looks at me and says, "mommy I just love you," and tries to distract me from a naughty behaviour
  • he calls us 'mommy'  or "mamma" and 'daddy' 
  • he's very exothermic, he's hard to sleep beside in the summer because he radiates so much heat. he sweats a lot while he sleeps...he gets this from my husband
  • even though i have plenty of cool bandaids, he doesn't really like bandaids on his scrapes
  • he needs "privacy" when he needs to have a poop. which means that he needs to be in another room (at home only), or we need to be relatively far away from him (like 10 ft), or feel that he's "hiding" and we can't stare at him when he's trying to poop (or at least make him feel like we're waiting for him with added pressure). when he's done, he'll call or tell us.
  • he can't stand washing his hair or getting his hair wet
  • if he really loves something, he wants to sleep with it
  • got food poisoning in early July and he wanted me ONLY. very clingy after that and since, also his whiny voice has been used quite often (aiya!)
  • first canker sore! apparently he got it by biting down on one of his monster truck's wheels
  • able to separate himself from toys, and actively donate items he feels he no longer wants
  • theres a battle to brush his teeth every night ranging from mild to harsh
  • he's been really good at back talking lately, sometimes his responses are just so logical that he can't be fooled by us 
Preschool in September!! 


  1. I think this age is fun! Something about them really still all being yours. It changes when they start at school and are gone longer in the day. That 3-4 year old part is kind of sweet.
    I wouldn't worry too much about sleeping arrangements with the baby. It will work out. Usually the dads just have to step up and take on parenting the other kids so that us mums can focus on being with the baby.
    I heard a good idea of putting a small mattress/sleeping bag on the floor of your bedroom if the older child had trouble transitioning to not sleeping with you anymore.
    Ben was sleeping in my bed the night before I had Josie. When we brought her home he adapted so quickly once he saw the actual baby.

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