Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Countdown! Weeks 30 and 31

  • at 30 weeks: really sweaty, crappy sleeps at night because my exothermic toddler insists on being able to touch me while he sleeps. The fan is of no help
  • I think my feet have gotten a little more swollen, had to loosen the buckle on the Birks
  • i've been drinking too much coke and McCafe frapped drinks, I'm still quite surprised that I passed my gestational diabetes test. however, my thighs seem more like there is visible cellulite, so really need to cut down. Just saw that the stupid vanilla frappe drinks 85% of my daily fat intake. F F F F! 
  • my linea nigra is emerging, currently faint at 30 weeks
  • my skin has been extra sensitive to the effects of the cheaper brands of sunscreen when aerosolized in the air. randomly i just find myself scratching the back of my hands (right worse than left) and my inner forearms (also right worse than left) and I know I've been exposed whether directly or indirectly
  • my eyelashes seems shorter and I haven't needed to shave my legs for a long time...maybe even since April
^^ 31 weeks and 4 days. seems pointier than a few weeks ago ^^
  • at 30w, I'm officially throwing in the towel for full time 2 days 2 night work. tried 1 day shift hoping to come in the next but i was having perianal/pelvic floor pain after 1x 12 hour shift. i don't even think Kegels are useful with this 4/10 pressure down there. i have vacation mid-july to august, and then 2 more sets left!! 
  • at 30w, fatigue seems to have returned just like during early pregnancy. I need sleep sleep sleep and this drought is not helping with the lethargy. I find it hard to do the initial get up and go out...nearly a daily mental and physical battle to get over that hump and then I'm ok for the day. general speed quite slow, but I've taken the activities down by a lot
  • this HEAT WAVE IS BRUTAL. cleavage sweat...under breast sweat...neck sweat ...what! 
  • my beloved peanut and jam on toast snacks give me heartburn
  • the baby's movement has been organ churning. huge shifts in body that shake my body or just completely shuffle my organs internally
  • my belt is on its last hole. uncomfortable when I'm having a contraction and need to breathe out and take the pressure of my lower abdomen. on a side note, yes I still wear a belt! some of these maternity pants I have are really crappy....fits in the legs, not in the waist...and I don't like the constant hiking up of my pants and having my thighs chafe 
  • so hard to sit on the ground and cross my legs buddha style....even harder to get up from sitting on the ground. phew!
  • conscious awareness that my belly is in the way! I felt some discomfort washing dishes, and realized it was my abdomen in the way of me reaching the dishes. also hard to squeeze into tight spaces as i can't just suck anything in anymore
  • some close calls with leg cramping this 31st week. the past 6 weeks or so i've been waking up and flexing my leg which I think is normal and what i've always done all my life, but the escalation factor into full fledged Charlie Horse has been around 2/10. this 31st week though I've felt the intensity rise, and probably would rate it as 4-5/10. so far so good.  I just flash backed to my 31st week with Max and looks like my first leg cramp was at this time. Ow, ow, OW! 
  • baby hiccups! I forgot how these used to feel...or at least I wasn't in tune to them before
stay tuned for weeks 32 and 33! (i know!)


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