Friday, July 3, 2015

Countdown! Third Trimester Weeks 28 and 29

^^ 28 weeks and 6 days ^^

^^ stretch marks from #1 exacerbated by #2 (feeling brave with this pic) ^^

  • belly measuring 28" at 28 weeks
  • heart rate 146bpm per midwife
  • head down at 28 weeks
  • weight gain approx 15-17lbs
  • kicks on my bladder when I'm erect, on my left side when i wake up in the morning, and more commonly on my right upper quadrant throughout the day
  • looks like when I'm out and about throughout the day, baby sleeps, and only when I rest do I feel movement. I think this was similar to Max, so I think I need to renew my relationship with the Ergo carrier
  • decreased stamina, short of breath when initiating the days physical activities but so far able to keep up with the toddler
  • As for Max, I'm not sure if he fully understands that there will be a new baby coming. He knows and uses her name, he uses the word "sister" correctly and he's quite understanding when he asks me to pick him up and I say I can't right now. He's always been very protective of me and almost always very gentle (vs. jumping on his dad and 'boxing' him and within him). I think he'll be a very very gentle brother and what I need to watch out most with him is my reaction towards him as a sleep deprived person, and making sure his feelings and needs for me are always met instead of being on the back burner because the new baby is here. I read somewhere that one way is to 'tell' the baby, that it's their siblings time right now (even though duh the baby will be completely clueless) but the to Max it'll show that he is just as important to me in all ways now that my time is shared with a sibling

  • baby movement hasn't just been jabs but full fledged alien shuffling inside my peritoneum. i can feel most of the shifting on my right side. sometimes the body movements are a bit nauseating as my innards are being affected
  • the ONLY shoes that doesn't give me body pain are my BIRKENSTOCKS for when i'm off, and of course the best work shoes of all time are my Dansko clogs. However, Dansko's don't work alone because I need to my have my 20-30mmHg compression stockings to make it through each wonders...MUST HAVE
  • no linea nigra yet! 
  • random braxton hicks contractions throughout the day, especially if I'm working. if it happens when I'm standing, it's an interesting tightening of the abdomen sensation. if it happens while I'm sitting down, there's this blooming sensation in my lower back and I can feel more intensity in my chest, midline and even my throat area
  • utilizing my sick time, because 2 days and 2 nights are just too much...even worse, if I only have 4 days off
  • this heat and drought are just brutal, on the cusp of being bearable
Next up weeks 30 and 31!


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