Friday, June 5, 2015

A Bike Rider In the Family!

^^ next time ill catch this on video! ^^

Last summer my husband bought a brand new bike for Max at a local garage sale for pennies! Way too big in 2014, but this year Max's legs are just long enough to make full revolutions. A lot of 'practicing' and getting used to the concept of pedalling was done in our condo hallway (especially during the winter). To our surprise, it only took 3 days of teaching this week, once he was able to reach the pedals (along with a snazzy new helmet that Max himself chose and nice weather), to learn to ride a bike! as for me, I learned to ride (a bike with training wheels) at 8 years old. Im super impressed that this little big guy can already do laps around the track, turns, skids, pumping breaks, hop on and hop off at 3.5 y/o...what! by the end of the summer, I bet he'll be faster than our abilities to run (kinda scared about that!).

^^ no tears full fledged fall off the bike ^^

^^ first comes a yellow bell, then...a basket and streamers ^^

Three year's old is seriously getting better and better, I keep saying this about every age but this year has been my favourite thus far. This will be another summer to remember! 


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