Saturday, May 2, 2015

El Malecon: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

If you're ever staying at Nuevo Vallarta, it's about a 30-45minute taxi ride to the famous El Malecon Boardwalk. Initially we planned to take the local transit to the city like we did in Cancun, but thank goodness we spoke to the hotel concierge prior as once he saw the stroller, he recommended we take a taxi if we wanted to keep child comfort paramount. I was hesitant at first (cost was about $16 CDN vs. a fraction of the cost by taking transit), but dang once we actually were en route, we kept discussing how frickin long the ride was and if we had taken public transit who knows what type of body-overheated-travel-ruining-arguments we would've already had on the first leg of the trip...not to mention probably a sweaty, restless toddler to boot. (thank you thank you concierge!).

El Malecon was beautiful of course, felt like I was on a California boardwalk instead of Mexico. The sea breeze made the entire experience so much more comfortable, 1 block over though was another story- like a 32+ degree celsius story! We were patting our backs for bringing Max's stroller because the boardwalk went on for miles and miles and no way would we have gotten as far as we did if we had to carry a 35+lb toddler! Because we weren't that adventurous with eating, me being pregnant and all, we had a late breakfast and loaded up so we didn't have to eat out. I brought 2 bottles of water (which we eventually guzzled by the end of the day trip) and a bunch of snacks that I intended for the airplane and any day trips because 1) Max isn't a huge breakfast eater and 2) when he has nothing to do but sit in the stroller, he wants to either munch or sleep. There are one or two OXXO (like our 7-Eleven) somewhere in the area, but not like we had an address for it. Lesson remembered: bring drinks and snacks for a toddler prior to coming! 

Some pics of our day trip below if you'd like to see! 

^^ we didn't have them pictured, but BRING A HAT! The sun is intense and dangerous. we wore sunscreen and i'm pretty sure I still got most of my colour from this one day ^^

Overall, we had a great experience on the Malecon. The local businessmen started up conversations with you but weren't aggressive. It was also nice to see the Puerto Vallarta beach water which was more of a beautiful aquamarine colour vs. the drab dark blue waters of Nuevo Vallarta (because of the sand). If you ever go on a Saturday, there's a farmer's type of market near the Zona Romantica - apparently it's hard to get a table there and whoever sets it up really filters the vendors selling at the site. We bought a couple of beautiful hand stitched/handmade toys for Max and his cousin- i'm regretting I didn't buy MORE for other kids in our lives since the craftsmanship was excellent in relation to the price they were asking. Darn! The Malecon is also a tourist site, so great place to buy any desired souvenirs to take back home. We came home with a bunch of stuff and didn't have to worry for the rest of the trip.

^^ sweaty boy and our favourite souvenirs from the farmer's market! he promptly named them Joe (blue) and Olaf (orange) for his cousin ^^

^^ public beaching in the beautiful waters ^^

Malecon, you're beautiful! 


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